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Open Source Hypergrid Content
I have a feeling that the other thread will disappear, so I'm starting a new one. Please excuse the redundancy.

This post was originally written in reply to Jupiter Rowland's post in that thread.

Jupiter Rowland wrote "Other names which, AFAIK, stand for legal content, but who have disappeared, are Hylee Bekkers and Selea Core whose works are somewhat easier to find but still kind of rare; besides, AFAIK, they've never put them under any license."

Hylee's boxes can still be found here and there, and she has a shop in Wright Plaza (at 158,17,21) in OSGrid. Her boxes usually included a notecard saying what license it was under (Creative commons, as I remember).

Also in Wright Plaza is one of my favorite creators -Potion Locke, aka the "Cobbler's Trading Company". She gives away a lot of texture packs under a non-commercial creative commons license. Her shop is at 119, 16, 21 in Wright Plaza.

Caro Fayray on OSGrid also releases a lot of content under a creative commons license; she has a shop on wright plaza as well. (wright plaza 48, 128, 21)

Of course, there's also Nebadon Izumi, who has a shop in Wright Plaza that is full of Creative Commons licensed items as well.

Selea Core's stuff is still around here and there as well. I remember it being explicitly released under a Linda Kellie style license (do whatever you want with it), but since there's no surviving proof of that on the web no one can really say one way or the other.

This isn't a definitive list, there's a ton of creators I haven't mentioned (e.g. Vbinnia Radek, who's region Steam is in osgrid). I've focused on osgrid because those items have been there ~10 years, and will probably be up as long as the grid is up.

To address the thread The Social Mouse made:

If you're looking for "legal" items for your business, all, some or none of these may suit your needs. A business ought to have it's own legal team to evaluate that -I wouldn't even try.

If you're looking for "legal" items out of a sense of personal ethics (which is a good thing!) I still can't guide you, except to say that all of the items I've listed were meant by their creator to be used out here in opensim and (with the exception of Selea Core) are distributed by their original creator.

I'm Han Held and thank you for coming to my TED talk

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Top of the line, original and high quality mesh items to improve the quality of your hypergrid regions. I can't recommend this region strongly enough -or often enough!


Wonderful region! Seems to be updated regularly (every week? every two weeks?) with new outfits. Very friendly and helpful, too.

The Shed 3

I made it ok. When I went there, there was a good crowd of regulars. Active localchat. I'm adding it to my rotation, personally.


A delightful and imaginative mix of old-school and modern building techniques. Very beautiful -awesome build, Amaranthim!

Gateway to the Stars

Otto put it very well, and I agree 100%. If you look up "oldschool" in the dictionary you'll see Copper's picture as the illustration -and that's not a bad thing! To paraphrase Richard Wright "you don't want a world of dinosaurs, but it's very good to keep some of them around". Copper's put in a lot of blood sweat and tears into this region for years and there's a lot to see there. Keep up the goo...

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