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Who doesn't like 4 couches for the 'price' of 1? This one is a modular set with 4 difference pieces, so you can extend it as much as you want. Each piece sits 2 avatars and has +400 animations! I have uploaded it in 9 different colours/textures.
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/368/385/23
Other TP options:
Because we all deserve some Brut or Rose... New scripted chamagne mini-bottle dispenser!
Dispenses a durable mini-bottle attachment. Bottle comes with hold animation.
Uber: hop://
And here it is: You will find a good number of new decor items on the small stores next to the main shop...more incoming!
Uber: hop://

1. Please bear in mind that many items have been uploaded with High LOD to perserve quality. Do consider not overloading your sim with those!
2. Rotation on scripted, triptych, frames isn't perfect... lacking some practice there with non-axis ones!
Few but cute poses. Comes in both MF & MM versions.
Includes the decor rug as well.
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/390/351/23
Or for those from HG:

Salvatore_Petrovic: Sorry, it works great now. Thank you 6 months ago
... Well, all laundry must be dirty if ti needs laundring, huh?
This dirty Laundry furniture comes with lots of fun animations, including some against wall. It comes with some mesh decor as well.
Uber: hop:// Boutiques/390/351/23
Or for those from HG:
- Stevenson Bistro Set (PG Chair + Adult set)

This one wasn't going to be a special one, just a couple of cute animations. But it was the gone where I realised how problematic the OS issue with wear prop rotations was.
It was also the one where the amazing @Parsalin sit for hours to fix it! So... we name it after it! Thanks @Parsalin!

- Campfire

Each set (Male+Female or Male+Male sets) have 3 pieces (2 logs that sit 2 avis + 1 stump that sits only one), also a camp fire. Snow layer can be adjusted by sitting in object Adjust > Snow.
Someone left a suggestion at the mailbox asking for some logs, so here they are!
The MM version...well, it's just MF slightly tweaked, so a bit underwhelming there!

UBER: hop:// Boutiques/390/356/23
Some face issues TPing with the above, so try also:
Fun Dining set [Adult] now OUT at Starchild Shoppe! 1-4 sitters, +550 animations, MF FF FFM MMF.
Ended up changing the mesh last minute because the original was dreadful. Hope you folks enjoy it!
(There might be some issues with getting to the sim - kindly leverage any of the links here: and let me know if any of them work!)
Uber: hop://

juliacassidy: hiya, i had similar to niketa when i just tried to TP in. total wipeout of firestorm viewer. HNY all. will try again in few days x 6 months ago
I have found a way to create an openai chat gpt bot in opensimulator without having to have your own website to host the code, and without using php. What this means is that if you are interested in your own chatbot, you just need to get your api key from openai and come see me, if you already made one in the past just go to their website and delete the old one and make a new one, then save it in a notecard. But if you still have your key in a notecard then just bring that it should still work. At any rate it is now possible to do this in a much simpler way than before, if interested contact me in world. p.s. i lost my friends list due to a grid crash, so just find me at

Kawaii Unicorn: I am consistently astounded by your intelligence and the creations you bring forth. Your magic region, in particular, stands out with its remarkable scripts that add an extra layer of awe and wonder.... 8 months ago