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Parrots Playground
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Parrots Playground is the grid wide welcome center for Darkhearts Playground. Here we have weekly dances, games, and can just hangout and explore the beach!
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Palm Islands
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Palm Islands is home to the fabulous Swingers Paradise, which is a place to meet people relax and hang out and of course party with some great DJ's during out live events!
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Darkhearts Boutiques
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Darkhearts Boutiques is an extension of the main mall region it is comprised of specialty boutiques owned by various owners. Here you will find unique collections of items, so it's always worth a visit! Also, there is weekly events hosted at the landing point for those that like to hang out and danc...
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Darkhearts Mall
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The Dark♥'s Mall is the place with something for everyone, it has tons of shopping and specialty boutiques with new imports and creations being added often, so its always worth the trip. We welcome everyone of shapes and sizes, just follow the rules and you won't get banned. The Mall is also a fun p...
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Darkhearts City
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REAL TRAFFIC The Sunset Club is a chill music venue in the middle of the downtown city region. Important Note: EVERYONE is welcome. This means we do not discriminate over what your avi looks like. You can be big, small, furry, blue, pink, or a flying broomstick. We don't care. What we care about...
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DJ Maddy @ Darkhearts Boutiques 4pm to 6pm PST
She's spinning the hottest tunes for your eargasms!
Come join us here > Boutiques/512/502/23

Greetings OSW
Its Wednesday so it's time for our Hump Day party from 4 to 6pm PST, at the Sunsets Club in the heart of Darkhearts City, with DJ Maddy!
Here is your ride > hop:// City/403/259/22

DJ Shane at the Darkheart's Boutiques from 4pm to 6pm PST Come on out and dance, enjoy your evening! Here's your ride> Boutiques/512/502/23

Join us for a sexy and fun set of fast paced beats to dance the night away at the Darkhearts Swingers Paradise with DJ Shane Ghostly from 4pm to 6pm PST!
Here is your limo> x-grid-info://
Hey OSW Pages
Darkhearts Playground is starting our Thursday afternoon set from 4pm PST to 6pm PST with DJ Maddy, spinning today's hottest tunes! So come out and join us for some early weekend fun!
Heres the ride> hop:// City/403/259/22

Mistressdalgato: will the furniture vault ever be coming back? 13 days ago
Dj Brandy is spinning the hump day tunes over at the NEW Darkhearts Boutiques Region, from 4pm to 6pm PST. So come on out and chill with some sexy songs to help melt the 1st half of the week away! Here is the Ride > hop://
Greetings Everyone - Tonight we have DJ Maddy Ghostly at the NEW Darkhearts Boutiques Pavilion from 4pm to 6pm PST. She is spinning some hot tunes, so come on out and dance!
Here's your Ride> hop:// Boutiques/515/497/23
DJ Shane Ghostly is spinning some killer tunes at the Sunset Club in Darkhearts City from 4pm to 6pm PST, so come on down and have a fabulous Monday Evening with US!
Here is your ride> hop:// City/404/260/22
A Wednesday Evening at the Darkhearts Mall, with DJ Sam Smooths!


Its Humpday, so that means its time for a mid-week party at the Mall For all to come and Enjoy, with DJ Smooth from 3 to 5 PM PST.

Here's your Ride > hop:// Mall/366/359/22
DJ Brandy, has taken the stream at the Darkheart's Mall, from 3 to 5pm PST, so come on down and enjoy what's left of the weekend with some good tunes and company! Here's your Ride > hop:// Mall/367/343/22

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Hello! Sometime ago I was browsing Opensimworld and I came across The Playground Mall or Darkhearts Mall where I saw a picture of DJ Marshall. Does anyone know where DJ Marshall comes from? Is he associated with a particular grid in Opensimworld? I had never seen him before so I am merely curious. Thank you for taking the time to read this!