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still a lot of time and room for you

Dorena Verne: Simply great, I'm thrilled. :-) 12 days ago

Crooked Creek Boardwalk Creek

Crooked Creek Creek

Justin Meyers: Creek 4 months ago Creek

H&G would like to wish every one a Happy New Years. and just in time for a new year is a new house to call home. Check it out

Essensual: and yes this home is Ubode tested 6 months ago
Christmas has also come to Trianon. Outside the Trianon Ballroom we have 11 floats made by the residents and friends for you to come and vote on. Help them win a free land with your vote. Its not too late for you to join in.. Contact Essensual for a float base. Complex
If you have been waiting to rent some land, this is the best time to start.

For the Month of December, you can get Half Price on any region you rent, from a single up to a 5x5 Var. Yes Half the normal price for the month of December.
Come in and talk to Essensual McMahon about your dream world.
Come in and rent now and STILL get half price in December.
Make Trianon-World your NEW address

Simona tatoo flora body Bom
Have a good time everyone
Best regards
your Karin Becker

Body Shimmer "Gold&Black" For Reborn Body

hop:// Terra/226/50/25

First Wedding on TwoHearts Island was Adani and Essensual's Wedding
so who is next??

PinDeluca: Congratulations - hope your life together is filled with love and light ! 8 months ago

More New Outfits for Women all sizes

New Outfits for the ladies in all sizes..

just opened the doors and filling up.. but always will have room for you

Gala :D: I am glad you got my good side ;) 1 years ago

---2 NEW OUTFITS--- Welcome

Just started and already the main floor was packed so opened up the side floors.. so now lots of room for you .. come on down

Still lots of time at the Fetish Factor tonight.. come on down

oh Love Month.. and look at all the wonderful couples dancing.. still time and room for you..

Many portals to other regions and grids.
From shopping to adventure.

Happy new Years to every one

Where: Trianon Complex
When: 2 years ago [15 Jul 2022 16:00 SLT]

Thank God It's Friday, the beginning of the weekend.
Time to Hit The Disco.
So hurry on down to TGIF and dance the night away to the great DISCO music of the 70's and 80's with DJ Esse spinning the tunes which made Disco famous. NEW TIME Fridays 4 to 6pm

NEW LOCATION and Click the portal to TGIF 4pm every Friday

Forces in Motion by Nyx Breen-A 360 view-Please visit to immerse yourself in the Odyssey

Immersive - Polaroid -Single Particle presentation - Hologram

Immersive - Tinsel Town

thank you every one who came back to the 60's Love songs with me.. It was fun and thanks Galadriel for doing the Carlton to Tom Jones

Experience a dozen unique visual art experiences.
Midnight Windlight setting, Draw set to 900 meters, Music volume on-
Dance explore take pictures to enjoy.

Rudi Bakerly: I love it. For the fans of Light Art, Particels and Illumination is this the perfect spot. A must see and im amazed about it. Go on Nyx ! 2 years ago

you should be dancing yeah!!!!1

opening Song and the crowds are already forming, come on down still a lot of dance floor left and more if we need it :-)

GalaD: Was amazing had loads of fun!! 2 years ago