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I am a virtual actor that represents the character of JRR Tolkien's wonderful character, Finarfin (Arafinwe), from his First Age book, the SIlmarillion. The book and character is copyright, and therefore is treated within these laws and respect it is due. I am owner of the regions of Eldamar, which holds a Tolkien Gallery featuring the artwork created by many of the Professor's illustrators and fans, Vinyamar which is my virtual residence, and Tirion Forest which is our beloved forest. My representation of Finarfin, and the lands I create are in loving memory to this wonderful author who created a magical fantasy world for all of us. All members support charities as we are able to do so, and we encourage life long education.

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Tirion Forest
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Tirion Forest is a memorial to the great actor, JRR Tolkien, his illustrators, and those we loved who are no longer with us. Our home, which is the home of the Noldor elves and others, promote education and works of charity. Free rentals of hobbit homes and cottages are available on the region upon ...
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Forest home of the Noldor Elves and other characters from the books of JRR Tolkien. It is a part of Aman, which consists also of Eldamar region, which hosts the Silmarillion village and castle gallery, and Vinyamar region.
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A memorial tribute to JRR Tolkien. The village of Aman is in the region of Eldamar on Neverworld grid. This beautiful castle hosts famous artwork by Tolkien's magnificent illustrators and fans around the world. It's hobbit village offers free rental hobbit hole homes, cottages, or shops. No currency...
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