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Greenwood Haven is a beautifully forested medieval-themed sim with castle, curtain wall, walled village, marketplace, and gypsy camp. It also has a fae island for a touch of fantasy. Enjoy dancing in the hilltop ballroom, castle, and gypsy camp. Occasional events will take place here. Watch the cale...
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Fayre.Scribe Fayre.Scribe added an Event: TONIGHT Yuletide Ball & Celebration of the Winter Solstice
7 months ago
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Thanks! You can jump on one of the traveling wagons and then sit back and take a tour that way. It takes a while, but the wagons will take you through...
9 months ago
Fayre.Scribe Fayre.Scribe added an Event: Greenwood Haven's Masquerade Ball
9 months ago
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