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In Virtual worlds I am a creator of houses, shops and other things. I am active at SL, Kitely, Discovery Grid. My home is at Utopia Skye Grid

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A lovely area with a true shopping experience. You will find here all you have searched for! Houses, shops, decoration indoor as well as outdoor. In the largest gallery on Utopia Skye Grid you find Real Life Art. Elin design is Gloebit enabled
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Display Area for Houses and shops
In the air above Elin Design 3 levels full of houses and shops in different styles. You can TP there through the TP station at the main landing from Elin Design

Thomas Etzel: your Charleston church is still the best church I found so far . As a lot people know it is inherent part of my winter/christmas sim. Still love your creation/s. 1 years ago

Galéria Arte Colorida
A lovely art gallery in Meditarrenean style with RL art from Elin Egoyan aka Marijke Pel

Sinje: Wirklich sehr hübsch dort ...wollte mir ein paar Bilder " kaufen" aus der Galerie , geht aber leider nicht :-( 1 years ago

Elin Design Landing
were you can teleport to all destinations for shopping and relaxing

The Souk
Furniture, houses and lots of interior decoration in Arabian style

Let's go Tiki
Beach stuff like a bar, beach shower, loungeset and more. All in Tiki style

Main Store

ElinDesign: For furniture, bars, stage equipement, open fire and kitchen suplies 1 years ago

The Greenhouse
For all yout outdoor decorations






Godellyn a MUST see!
Elin Design is not only about shopping for lovely houses, shops and things and stuff for your interior.
I am happy to anounce that the 3 sims large Four Seasons Park named ‘Godellyn’ is now ready for your visit. Stroll and wander through the beautiful landscaped seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Find the cozy and romantic gazebo’s to take a rest, listen tot he relaxing music and enjoy the views. Discover specially with midnight view the lovely fantasy area Faellyn with his magical waterfall and find your way through the Maze. Take a paddle and visit the Godellyn waters by Kayak to enjoy all what you see from a different point of view.
After all these impressions it is nice to take a rest at the landing where you can hangout and take a beer or wine at the Forestbar or have a dance on the dancefloor.

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Cherry Freebies

amazing as your art is already for many many years. THANK YOU!!!!

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