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Eagle Wolf 1 month ago
If you weren't here for this...you missed an incredible show, unlike anything you've seen in opensim. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. Severity is quite talented as is James.
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Eagle Wolf 2 months ago
You know..Betty...I fail to see how your comment is relevant or necessary. The only reason for a post like this, that doesn't directly concern you, is so you could use the words, spread hate. Use all caps to draw attention to ABSOLUTELY...NOTHING. It is truly none of your business or concern. Given the fact that you have continued to lash out at everyone and everything you please, to only further your own small voice, perhaps it's time for you to just stop. Yes, I realize you will come back with some venomous words about...well....NOTHING....yet again. You used to be well known for your fashion and related photography. Those days are long gone, as now, most ONLY know you as a troll...spewing hate and racism, personal attacks and drama. It's a shame really...I'm sorry for you, though, I do NOT pity you. I'm sorry to read such desperate attempts at attention seeking through such negativity and hate. I wish you peace, perhaps one day, you will find it. ***She (Beauty Zone aka: Betty), of course, deleted her post, hours later.