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I'm a historian and teach classic, work with Experimental archeology in 3D reconstructions

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Barbaren Wald Wald 0 Users
Celts, Germans and the Droids
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Villa Rustica Rustica 0 Users
This is the rusctica of the reconstruction of Villa Perl Borg Germany
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Villa Borg Borg 0 Users
Reconsecration of the "reconstruction" in RL German Villa Perl Borg
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Hafen 0 Users
Port a mix of Brundisinum and Ostia...
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Arbeia 0 Users
Reconstruction of the Roman Arbeia Fort in New Castle upon Tyne
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Principium 0 Users
Our GRID is a education GRID focus in Classics. Reconstruction of the German Villa Borg and more. We are still under construction but - all are welcome who love the Roman world - many houses are free to move in.
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