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Get a taste off 'Holland'. Do not forget to take the FREE houses on your way home:)
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A not regular place to have fun. Enjoy your Shisha, or just relax in one off the bars! Visit our Parties ........ SOON !
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Start your tour at Orchid Heights here! You are welcome to visit and enjoy the nice places on our grid.
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Dress up your virtual Doll , with fashion, shoes, boots, jewels from Dolly. Find DOLLIES main store at this region, for your mesh fashion. Gloebit enabled!
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I was in SL to ask a creator if she would allow me to use her full perm items in OpenSim.
She asked me to come in voice so we did . It was clear she did not trust me at first. She asked me what my plans where with her Full Perm items etc. So I explained.
Also she said many people come to her land, stand there and click on items, but do not buy or talk to her or others, she got suspicious. Reason why she asked friends to have a check in Secondlife and Opensim to see if her items where offered elsewhere.
Indeed, many of her items are offered free and sometimes even Full Perm.
This immediately has impact on her sales. Sales she needs as an extra in rl.
Many people and certainly in these Covid Times need these little extra’s to come around.
So if people really want to help each other in times of need, they share the costs and buy items that are legally imported.
That way they support the creators in sl who never gave permission to sell or give away free their items in OpenSim. And support those who do buy licences and and files to be able to sell the product in OpenSim legally.
Constantly I read: ‘Sharing is Caring’ and this is true to a certain extend. But to share what others make without the creators permission, is not caring at all. To me this sounds like theft.
OK, I probably will get a lot of comments saying this and publishing this, but I frankly do not care.
This creator also told me , because she is not one of the huge creators in sl, it is impossible to bring it to court and make a case of it. She simply does not have the money to do this. Practically she stands with her back against the wall and cannot do much against it.
Is ‘Caring’ not also taking care of people like her? Is ‘Sharing’ not a much better feeling when we share legal items or create legal items to share?
I am confused about people in general. I see people who I called friends once and where against content theft now supporting the content thieves.
When I go visit regions in OpenSim I see the same houses and items on almost every region.
People lost their creativity. They just take the free items and drop them, without asking themselves where those items came from.
I understand the point that some people are making saying that OS should be Free, but I do not understand why OS should be filled with stolen content.
And who is paying for the servers to run those grids on? Is land also Free?
I know what Orchid Heights is costing monthly and I assure you it is not 0 USD:)
I also do not understand that those people who offer these items do this without any feeling of quilt towards the original creators. And even attack those who do not support their views.
This lady I spoke to in sl is not the only creator who gets hurt and lost income due to copybotting. I personally think it is sad and I hope that the majority of the people in OpenSim understand what I am saying and maybe even agree with me and stop supporting those people who illegally bring items over from sl to OpenSim and offer them full perm, while saying: ‘Sharing is Caring’. It simply does not seem the right thing to do to me.

Grab a Free copy to put on your land, so your visitors get the message! And also can get a copy:) Heights

Grab a Free copy to put on your land, so your visitors get the message! And also can get a copy:) Heights

Door scripts in the mills are fixed:)

Do you have a nice region and or place you want to showcase and attract visitors? ..........

Holland is known for the small streets, houses, oliebollen, kroketten, stroopwafels, tulips etc...... I tried to bring this cozy feeling into my buildings and setup of this new region. The Mills, the Canal houses and the Zaanse houses are just a small idea of what Holland is. Of course the  huge fields with tulips.... Do not forget to take the houses you like back home. They are FREE!  Have Fun! Town

Being Dutch due to Covid not able to visit my home country
'The Netherlands',
I am inspired to build up a region with some typical 'Dutch Looks'.
Soon to be opened for public:)

Busy day today .....

My Spot is Taken:) So nice to build up a place, I took one of Lunaria's Shop's and decorated and filled it !! Are you a merchant? Are you interested in also letting the OpenSim community know you are around? Contact Lunaria Emporium on facebook or Luna Lunaria on MeWe or follow this link and register …..
Or email:

Shopping at DOLLIES is more .....

Dollies, also a region to enjoy the beauty of nature ! Have a look:)

Soon to be official opened: 'Home of Music' A non regular virtual club for non regular People!

'DOLLIES' , a new regular region, Gloebit enabled. And totally free of illegal botted items. All you see on my region you can legally buy at Kitely Market. We don't need to steal to make a home!

DOLLIES makes your virtual looks better! Fashion for Ruth, Saphira and Athena mesh body's!
All Fashion is legal, if you find the same piece elsewhere with not me as creator, it is stolen (Copy botted).



Complete Christmas outfit !

Gets yours today at: HG

or City

'Tamara' , the right jeans outfit for YOU !
in 5 variations. Comes with 2 tops, white and black.

available at my mainstore: HG City

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How do I change a picture in a group. I can change a name, but when I upload a picture it does not seem to stick. When I contact the site moderator, I never get an answer. Maybe one of you is smart and can tell me how I do this trick?
Thank you:)
I also have another question: Is this site owned by Sacrarium grid? And is the owner of this site part of that grid? More and more people seem to think this.

To join my group: .......... Click this link:

New Leather Jackets, also fits Ruth:) Don't forget to visit the Free bee shop on my Region, where you can find loads of free mesh fashion to take home with you ........ Visit DOLLIES HG

Server maintenance!

Start HERE and visit all wonderful places at Orchid Heights Home grid

Have a look at our welcome center and find the places you like to visit here!

The fantastic building is from 'M&M creations' and can be bought at Kitely market.