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Hello Everyone ! Hey, Spring is finally arrived at NOVALE. To this year Spring Season we have added two new special areas : The Maple Grove with Sugar Shack and The Conservatories of Ancient Easters Valley. Naturally it is spring everywhere in Novale, not just in those two sites. Landing...
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Easter Chocolate Hunt
When: 3 months ago [12 Apr 2020 13:33 SLT]

The Novale Easter Chocolate Hunt is starting today and will be continue up to the end of April !

To be found : 31 classic Easter Chocolate Figurines which have been distributed throughout Novale Region.

Seven of them are displayed in welcome cammp, at landing, just to put you in appetite.

Have a look to the notecard received at landing for more info.

Happy Hunt !


Hello, how to select one of our pictures as the Region picture by default ?


Ça va bien aller !


The Conservatories of Ancient Easters Valley


Sugar Shack at the Maple Gove, at the North of Novale


Dandelion rides starting near the welcome camp at landing.


Easter chocolate Hunt at Novale (more info in the notecard to visitors at landing)


The Garden Center near the Marina at Novale Spring

When: 4 years ago [16 Nov 2016 15:00 SLT]

Hg Safari visit to Novale in Autumn. Truellie Telling in show on stage at the Hollow Pumpkin Dancing Hall.

Everyone welcome!