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I create free things to give away for people to enjoy

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Builder, Scripter, Creator, Designer

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electronics, computers, and of course opensimulator

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When you work with your life, use your head, but when you work with others lives, use your heart.

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dance, trance, pop

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johnny 5

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My Home region to load easily and retreat to... If you have on shared environment, then the region appears very frosty...
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A place to pick up free magical items to use in your worlds. Have fun! Remember, YOU are MAGIC!!!
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Elven Castle Royal Dining

Elven Castle Great Hall

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A well done spooky place to visit! I was able to pick up some eye of newt, salamander skin, and toad tounges for a spell im making. Fascinating landscape and many items not seen elsewhere in the grids. A must see place to visit. Put it on your bucket list, and Happy Halloween! :)


FULL FIVE STARS. MORE FAIRIES THAN ANYWHERE ELSE! A beautiful fantasy sim, very well done. Great shopping area with gnomes, goblins, fairies, pixies, elves, and much much more. A must see for the fantasy lovers out there!


This place is great! I really felt like I was on an alien planet exploring a secret extraterrestrial lab! The doors are clickable, some rooms have a surprise when you enter! The entire landscape is expertly crafted and well done! If you love the idea of sci-fi alien movies then be sure not to miss this fantastic build. I have a feeling we can expect great things from this creator in the futur...


I had a wonderful fabulous time here enjoying the wide variety of music celebrating fairies and elves! We danced the night away in tombstone, insomnia to a world of magic. The dj Trynatie was fantastic and well seasoned, and knows her music. We were number ONE on the opensimboard at the time and everyone was having the time of their lives, some friends tp'd in to dance with me and I made some n...


Space Force is an awesome sim on kitely grid. Mike Lorrey is the owner and teaches classes here, it was a blender class today! (Mike knows blender very well). Space Force region is full of geodesic domes, and space ships, like the space shuttles, discovery and columbia. But as I learned during my visit, it's also a great place to pick up free scripts, and learn from one of the most knowledgeab...

The Rendezvous

The Rendezvous is a great place to dance and socialize! I went there today and danced for an hour with 28 people, they were NUMBER #1 on the boards! Cataplexia Numbers, the famous creator, was there playing music, and live singing also! It was great! What a wonderful time we all had dancing under the stars. The stage lighting was great, and the music was a total blast! We all laughed and pa...

Gentle Fire Grid

What a beautiful place, welcoming and inviting. The central squares fountains in the welcome center splashing water into a lovely pool in the center of well placed landscaping. It's amazing the design aspect that went into this build. My hat's off to the creators and builders here. Awesome job!!!

Homestead Riverville

What a beautiful village, the landscape is very natural, and pictures don't do it justice. The entire places feels very warm and inviting. The staff are super friendly and wonderful people. I enjoyed my time here wandering through the town and walking up and down the streets checking out the various housing they offer. Such a nice place and well laid out in design.


A showcase of normal life in italy. Just brilliant! I love this place. All Americans love Italy. People in the United States literally fight over designer clothes and accessories from Italy. Italy is a beautiful country with many beautiful people. Italy manufactures the best designer clothes, the world's fastest car (the hurrican), even the best ink pens. The aurora company is known for wor...

Moonrose Shopping

a BEAUTIFUL MALL!!! This place is incredible! The floors shine and sparkle! The sculptures are unique! The merchandise is TOP SHELF quality. Go here if you need skin, hair, clothes!!! This place is awesome! :)

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