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Love to decorate, fiddle with things, create new items and re-arrange my regions whenever. I usually find something to work on all the time :). I love to DJ as well, my musical palette includes a lot of genres, especially steampunk, burlesque or fantasy.

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My fav time passing is creating, be it photoshop, illustrator or blender...that is me...always doing something.

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graphic design, editorial design, fiddling around :)

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Happiness comes from within

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Rebel Dream Estate Dream Estate 0 Users
A great location for sunbathing, exploring, hiking or just taking pictures in a breathtaking place. Visit the farms too!
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we love grass
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My two cents on the Copy/Sharing Drama going around
Hey guys,
I'm pretty sure we are all tired to read about the dramas regarding the re-sharing of the items grabbed from other places, which are not our own. So here's my take on all this.
1. Despite the fact that they are taken from SL, loading them, texturing them, animating them and curating them takes time and nerves. Please appreciate the time put into that work.
2. The people who are sharing them with the rest of us are not charging anything for the items, so if they feel like they want to have a certain control over who is taking their stuff and what happens with it, it is their right because see point no 1, you know...time and dedication
3. Let's say the item you got a while ago gets updated. Of course you would say..."so what? I go get another copy!" BUT the store you got it from got it as well from another store, so you do not manage to get to the original store who offered it originally.
4. Why would we want same items in every store we go? I for example am tired to go all around OS and see same item over and over again!
5. If you think is no big deal because it is anyways copy from SL then you do it on your own! Go buy the items first, spend a lot of money to get the original, then go through the whole ordeal of copying it, loading it, texturing it and place it in boxes or arrange it a bit and then you can shout and scream your frustration.
6. How many of you have ever thought about the fact that those people who offer you the free stuff might feel a little more appreciated if you would return to their store to just see what's new and get other items you might like? Or maybe it is the traffic they want? Is really not a big deal to open our minds and think a bit deeper
7. Sacrarium grid is not available to everyone, that is a fact. BUT if you want to redistribute items you got there, be curtaneous and ask the owner of the item if they might consider offering it to you? You never know what the answer is, right? Human nature is giving, therefore I am more then sure that you can achieve more with talking first rather then just taking and not care.
Let's respect eachother a little bit more and give the Cesar what is his! Appreciate the fact that they are taking the time and the will to offer their items. And share more love, rather then items!
Last but not least, I saw some messages about closing the sims... our guest! If you do not want us we surely won't miss you either...and btw...donating means freely giving not requesting or expecting it!
So please, respect everyone so they can respect you back!