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Star Trek Fan aus Deutschland.RP RADM in der neuen Star Trek thematisierten Gateway to the Stars Region im Swiss Grid! Join us for a great experience in space!See you out there(german/ english)

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Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. A.Einstein

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Gateway to the Stars to the Stars 0 Users
Info: Region shows off because we dont care of traffic / rating hunts! Sim is on 24/ 7! People who want to find us, find us ;.-) ( role play / Rollenspiel ) We create a peaceful area in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, founder of Star Trek (tm). We write the year anno domini 2360... A while ago t...
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Welcome aboard, Crew... Lets fight Freedom and Peace!

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Nid de Hibou

Leute---hört doch auf mit diesem Kubwa Bestätigungs TOS /EU Zeugs. Kubwa ist weder ein Anwalt, noch hat er Ahnung vom EU recht. das hält leute nur ab euch zu besuchen.

La Toya

A typical 100 account made from a jealous sim or grid as we see it thousands of times account quickly made (SveinBluetooth) to make shit reviews..and never was at sim, and post...So sad..When I was at the sim I was always warm welcomed and felt sowhat comfi. A real escape from RL by also great DJ Sylvia. Applaus for that!

Rock City

@ Travesty: Right: Digi owner does not understand EU law..maybe he wants people out, I dont know..Accepting stupid backdorr TOS is NOT the meaning of EU law..TR Lifter hides behind that, and has no clue about law. He enforces ppl with a non functional accept thingie, and sims have to bend under it. I wrote many Ims to him and only received LOL and worse. To me..thats a way to block free HG travel....

GWG Eventstage

Tja Mr Mickey... for 24 std angekündigt grid closes..und vor 18 Std events eingestellt...Bisserl Denken könnte helfen *gg

Virtual Ville Welcome

People: Think of this: This is the ex AviWorld founder here who dumped all 13 plus times! Be careful to visit that new bunch..Just good ment from an oldie to HG. Dont let your skin get ripped off again

All Saints Ballroom

There is nothing cool onto entering such a sim..One has to accept stupid backdoor TOS that have nothing to to with EU law! I typed that here before and review was deleted--this alone speaks for itself). Do not go there and spiin all your infos to that grid. OS should be open to anyone...and NOT accept their out of the law TOS.Those just have no clue what data protection means

Club Equinox helps with infos and suggestions for months, and one word obviously understood wrong (I can only assume this), and you are banned. No info why etc...Maybe just a bad day from owner;must be the germs from last cold.. Great job and thank you for all the great times there :-( (btw I dont mention that people also bring alts to fake "increase traffic" [Becca alone use 3 for standard: do the ...

Welcome Area

My last review was deleted, so I type again: Yes to secret: That s the way it goes when no one actualy visits a grid / region. Then you set up bots to push it forwrd in ranking. Foul play, but thats standard for that grid.. Also against OSW TOS...bots have to be excluded..But ..who cares :-( (Replying to that nick just in name of the truth because he spreads lies again as we know it:#1 It was 3 ...

Gateway to the Stars

Yaeh nick greeklife lol... Never been here but reviewing... You complete the row of those dramas ^Thank you ! (Maybe learning also some english before using it - this also shows someone' s imaginations). Compared to greeklife, we go with OSW TOS, and have no bots to fake traffic.. So better stick on yourself. (Replying to that nick just in name of the truth because he spreads lies again as we kn...

Glamour Isle Welcome Center

Firestorm 5.1.7 blocked?? Well done for a sim in Opensim!! If you make such restrictions..also like the other reviewers here state, why placing sim in OSW? Now people also block by a standard viewer? Wow..great job..Zero stars (minus 5 lol). AND 3 avatars plus 24/7? yep..when not having traffic..then set a bot..or 2..or 3.. *sigh

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