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Free for download House Sim 1+2
Free OAR's for all 60'000 prim 3GB
Have a lot of fun...
Rakis Heron :'-D

FLAMBOYANT TREE PACK (13 models - 02 to 06 prims- with animated leaves and falling petals. Available for FREE and FULLPERM at FOREST AREA, BOX 03. Enjoy :)

Hi Folks
Nice that you are all still here. Friends, envious, haters and hackers I love you all. You think Rakis is dead? Noooooo! 8 unix grid now run fine. ♥ You want my OAR's e.g. Free House Sim 1 + 2 and more? Then go to my website and get it. Hacker, trying to hack the website. The surprise will be great. :-D
have fun.
DMCA blah blah: Everything has to be passed on to CMT. Just as we got it from the creator. Later access changes go by our ass. For lawyers: IGE IPI CH
Charge for your own work, but take everything from others for free !? Steal all CMT right and left and pass on NO mod, NO copy, NO trance. Those are the ones that should be banned from OS!

Best Regards
Rakis Heron

Enjoy and share!
Kingman City
Teleport in Arkham City

New Kingman City
The previous location has been eliminated, take the teleport in Arkham City
Quality Mesh Designs
Teleport in Arkham City

Enjoy and share!
New Store Man
Kingman City
Quality Mesh Designs
Teleport in Arkham City

Kingman City Store Stuff

SOLAR PANELs SET PACK (Wide range of "01-prim-models" to fit many places or roof styles of houses. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA. Enjoy :)

Travel Agency in Needful Things

New pictures & landmark giver to my favourite regions in OpenSim ...

3D MUSEUM new look :)

OpenSim is an oasis for people who are following physical distancing around the world. Thank you all for keeping yourselves safe, keeping your regions online and keeping your visitors entertained!

CHERRY TREES PACK * FREE and FULL PERM available at FOREST AREA (ground) at BOX02. Animated particles are in mesh and separated prim so u can remove it when playing seasonal (textures inside). Enjoy :)
I had the pleasure of attending one of Gertie's sets. What I loved the most about her was her upbeat and exuberant personality. I wanted to create something to remember her by. This charm bracelet has a music note with her name. Free-Full Perms
After hearing of the sad news that Gertie Bumbtious left us on June 5th, we, Niki Stark (ex-wife of Gertie) and I decided to make a tribute edition of Stark! with some nice photos of Gertie. We will miss Gertie very much with her happy, positive manner and her legendary music sets!

You can get copies of the magazine and the vendors at the Stark landing point as always.

Rest in peace, Gertie!
Niki & Mattie
.: PARTY at Virtual Gay Pride :. 12 noon PDT - 8pm UK time - 9pm EU time.

Sunday 7th June at 12 noon PDT. 8pm UK time, 9pm EU time. DJ Migs will be playing all those choons we all love to hear, here at Palm Beach Club.

Come and join us for a boogie and some banter. This is an Adult region and it is highly likely that there will be nudity. So you don't need to look for anything special to wear, just come as you are.

New Animesh available, Provided by Blue Wingbabe, Outside of "Not MESHing around" shop. map coordinates: 275, 630, 23

Garden streelamps - 1 prim mesh models available for FREE and FULL PERM at GARDEN AREA, BOX 06. Use a single script to control them all! Super easy!

The new OSW beacon is now in the OSW package in our region. The new beacon includes some bug fixes and a new Like / comment button that allows people who visit your region to give likes and comments to your region. Get it from our region along with the new HUD!