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sooner or later, those people remain with you who, just like you - look at the stars, rejoice in the sun and are happy that nearby there is you - whatever you are.

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I am a music lover and listen to different music. how dj play d'n'b, jungle and house

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good fiction and fantasy. Battlestar Galactica tv series

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good fiction and fantasy. The Chronicles of Amber and the Wizard of the Earthsea

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Historical note "Tauron is a planet, one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Known as the agricultural world." Part of Caprica Grid Welcome to the farm. We wish you a pleasant stay and a good mood. Join a group and take part in farm life. You are always welcome on the Caprica grid. Child avatars an...
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SF Farm Chicken
Hello. Perhaps someone had a similar error. My chickens have stopped laying eggs, Float division by zero error appears (script: animal event: timer primID: 90f19e99-ce58-43c2-8ae0-ce23eafb9503 at ) Who can tell you how to fix this.

Tauron City. Caprica Hypergrid
Model: Caprica Cylon. Photography & edition by Touche, Studio One.

At the lighthouse.

One of the 12 colonies of Kobol. Part of Caprica Grid.

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The Stark Region is a good place for relaxation and fun. The owners of the region Matilda and Niki are very nice, attentive and polite girls. They respect their guests and their privacy. Thanks for your job girls. Success and development for your region!

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