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Welcome to Port Michael ( Tropicana Ocean ). This is our gateway to the huge mega sailing and residential region of Tropicana Islands and Metropolis beyond. Over 300 regions all joined for your enjoyment. Our yacht marina provides permanent docking for our residents boats and yachts. From this locat...
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Did you know that we now have a marina where you can park your boat or yacht facing the navigable straits to our huge Tropicana Islands and Tropicana Metropolis? Need a permanent berth for your yacht? Look no further. Rent a dock, set to home and try and navigate the narrow straits that connect you to the huge ocean beyond. Head for the lightning in the distance and hang on tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride!

AVIWORLDsEVENTs2022: Beautiful pier i made this in sl 12 years ago BRAVO :) I also have mine in DALLAS 7 months ago

Luxury mansion house

One of our rental properties

The Landing area at Tropicana Ocean.

The Dock landing area at night.

Me and my dragon flying off into the sunset

Mike chilling out in the old hot tub

Hidden away in the swamps a log cabin at Port Michael

Small pier and private boats.

Luxury private Island at Tropicana Ocean.

Long beach and the lighthouse at Port Michael.

A tropical environment with plenty of places to explore.

Port Michael ( Tropicana Ocean ) Dock and landing point

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