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I have been in Second Life for some time and now mostly play in IMVU or help out at Tropicana. I am sorry if I am AFK a lot but I am often busy in the background doing other things. Seni istiyorum. Ama yoksun. Yanımda olman lazım ama yoksun.

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About Myself

English is not my main language. I help my partner in Tropicana. Have a nice day!

My Regions

Tropicana Seas
9 0 Seas 0 Users
Welcome to Tropicana Seas, a region dedicated to island homes for long term residents. We have created a selection of tropical and sub tropical islands for rent. With plenty of private space between islands you can build your dream home here. Please only consider this if you are making this your ...
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Tropicana Aegean
7 0 Aegean 0 Users
Welcome to Tropicana Aegean and the Island of Toridos. With its olive groves and nature, natural landscape and beach, this region has everything that you need for a good home. This is one of our most popular residential areas. Featuring quality housing, open seas, and a beautiful central park area, ...
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Tropicana Fantasy
15 2 Fantasy 1 Users
Tropicana Fantasy, a hidden realm, a lost and mystical island in an eco system of its own. Wedged between our tropical islands, hidden by mountains there, you will find the magical deep forest within. See if you can find the hidden caves. There are lots of little secrets to explore within this fanta...
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Tropicana Sandbox
13 0 Sandbox 0 Users
Visit the Tropicana Adult Sandbox region for a large openspace sandbox. The Sandbox is open to everyone. The sandbox has a 16 hour return policy. Please do not clutter our Sandbox with your NPC's. They will be banned and persistant offenders will be banned from our regions. This is a very large sand...
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Tropicana Safari
9 1 Safari 1 Users
Welcome to Tropicana Haven the tropical Safari Park with animals and birds in lush forest surroundings. Take a walk up the hill to the summit and visit our glass house. A haven for wildlife and birds. Ride an elephant and explore the safari park. Rezz a vehicle and drive from the Safari Park to ...
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HG Safari visits Tropicana Safari today, 13th September between 1 pm - 2 pm PDT - feel free to join us. We would love to see you.

Toridos Basilica, ready for church services or weddings.

Toridos Basilica, an oasis of calm in a beautiful park.

Toridos Basilica, the fully furnished church in the grounds of the Great Park.

Our Freebies Christmas selection this year can be found at Tropicana Sandbox. Either land at Tropicana and follow the LM in the Visitor Centre or go directly to Tropicana Sandbox and click on the Christmas Signs.

Our Freebies Christmas Grotto is back. Lots of things for your home and regions for the taking here at Tropicana Christmas. Head to "Tropicana Sandbox" or teleport from our Welcome Area.

Deep in the forest

One of the rental homes

Lush forest area with hidden caves and surprises.

Rental Property

Rental property at Tropicana Fantasy.

The nomads have arrived and camped out in the Shire.

A selection of rental properties are available at Tropicana Fantasy. Some furnished and some empty.

The new Railway Station

Toridos Park

Toridos Park

Looks like one of the cows escaped!

The waterfall pool at the new park.

The new park is now complete at Tropicana Aegean. Great place to explore and just chill and relax.

The deserted shack in the jungle

Lots of animals and wildlife at Tropicana Safari Park

Be careful he is hungry!

The Safari Docks with the Irish Pub

The Airport. Aircraft and vehicles for you to fly and drive.

Prime real estate at Tropicana Seas. Also check out our VIP region for high end luxury private island homes.

The Tiki House is one of our most popular properties.

A typical island home on Tropicana Seas

Prime rental properties. Long term tenants welcome. Anyone that stays with us for 6 months or more gets to upgrade to one of our VIP Islands.

Part of the landscape on this residential island region.

Tropicana Oasis. Did you know that there is a hidden firepit in this build? See if you can find it!