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Freebie House's
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Freebie House's 0 Users
Lots of great quality houses and much more! All Free! Take copy and or for zero trons$
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Nightwish 0 Users
A heavy metal stage for heavy metal MUSIC! Rock ON! AviTron Grid!
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Mainland I
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Mainland I 0 Users
AviTron's MAINLAND I area is ready and huge. This is the first 4 regions. We will be adding hundreds of regions more. Hangout areas, land and more.
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Atlantis 0 Users
A world made just for mermaids. Join the group and become a resident of the biggest mermaid region ever created.
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:CityByDBay 0 Users
CityBydBay is a veteran region that came from Second Life and now is in opensim in AviTron Grid. Created by Deiviti Silva for Alex Ferraris in 2007. This region will be upgraded soon. Come party with us!
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Beach Bums
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Beach Bums 1 Users
All kinds of freebies. Super quality items! Beach items are all copy and or for zero trons! Store items are all zero trons or copy.
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Beach Island
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Beach Island 0 Users
Everything you need for beach areas, trees, rocks, waves, surfing waves -pack inside the cabin, plants, cabins and more.
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Danny's Freebie Garden
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Danny's Freebie Garden 0 Users
Everything you can think of about plants, flowers, grass, rocks and more. All free.
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Avitron Scripts & Sounds
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Avitron Scripts & Sounds 0 Users
Free scripts and a huge collections of sounds, animal sounds, nature sounds and more. Some are take copy and some are for sale for zero Trons$
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Crystal Mall
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Crystal Mall 0 Users
All new content. All free. New items placed daily. Super freebie mall.
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Danny's Freebie Mall
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Danny's Freebie Mall 0 Users
Everything from mesh bodies to hair, houses, trees, everything you need to build your land. Free everything.
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Rancho Goiano
avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Rancho Goiano 0 Users
Brazilian style dance and music. DJ LYLLA LIONESS
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avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002:Welcome 0 Users
AviTron grid. A new place, new name, new ideas! Come visit! A whole new world is now being built with all new ideas and fresh themes! Our welcome area also is a portal to all our current freebie regions.
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AviTron; the most advanced grid. 100% Linux Based OS. NVME SSD disks with 3 times faster speeds than a conventional SSD disk. 60 gig ram each server with 10 core processing powers!
The newest and most powerful grid Alex Ferraris has ever created.

AviTron is fast! Reliable and much more!

100% Linux Based, split robust for maximum performance! Now AviTron is offering free 15000 prims private regions! All you need to do is to be in-world and earn the trons to pay for the region. AviTron now has money givers throughout the grid giving out the trons to residents that are in those areas. Just like CAMP in SL!
Come get your super region!
Alex Ferraris brings to you his latest creation! AVITRON! Over 14 years experience! He is super determined to place this new creation on the top!
100% LINUX based OS! His ultimate creation is the most advanced virtual reality world ever!
All his creativity and new ideas are being placed into the new world named AVITRON.
Come hangout with Alex Ferraris!
want to visit? HG - avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002

AviTron super DJ Logan
Region NightWish tonite at 8 pm eastern standard time!

AviTron's MAINLAND is coming to life now. First 4 regions already built. This will be a continent size of hundreds of regions. Clubs, free land, premium land parcels, tons of nice freebies and great activities!
Linux Based OS, 0.9.2 OS version. Split Robust for faster load, 10 core servers with NVME SSD disks! 60 gig ram each. You want stability, quality & performance? Come to AviTron!
Looking for JAZZ & ROCK GROUPS! Will sponsor REGION!
contact Alex Ferraris at alexferraris@avitron.net
Want to be in a story? Want your avatar to be part of an adventure? Well you can! AviTron The Story is being written by Alex Ferraris. A sci-fi story that involves a grid and lots of adventures!

Free land program in AviTron.

A next generation virtual reality world.
1/4 sim free for all just because we can.
3750 prims, full permissions and more. Come experience the ultimate technology.
100 % Linux based virtual world with SPLIT ROBUST so your inventories, your assets will always be there and FAST!

AviTron Grid

Most powerful grid I've ever built! This is a game changer. 100% Linux based grid.
10 new thematic regions going up soon!

100 % Linux based grid. Come check it out! Smooth and lag free environment with powerful servers NVME SSD disks! 1 gig connection port. HG - avitronlogin.avitron.net:8002
Site - https://avitron.net
Looking for a powerful region? Well what about our 8 gig, SSD NVME hd, 1 gig port connection, 4 dedicated cores REGION? Yep!
Our economy regions are also super powerful simulators! Check out the prices!

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