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Dj Winni presentiert:
Am: Mittwoch den 24.04.2024
Ab : 19 Uhr --- 10 am Hangout

3World: War mal wieder eine super Party.. Danke :-) 1 month ago

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One of Putri's children is very sick and still has a few critical days to get through.....we can all just pray that the child gets well again quickly...Putri has canceled all shows for the time being

Passion Jumanji: Prayers Putri! SO MANY Prayers going up for you & your child! 1 month ago

Oldietime im Roadhouse
am: Mittwoch den 17.04.2024
Ab: 19Uhr --- 10 am Bikers Heaven

abraxas: hoffendlich denke ich daran 1 month ago
Hey Folks! I'm performing ANKABI BIKER HEAVEN
Come join us for some great music! Bi-Weekly on Saturdays!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:pm OST - 3:PM EST ∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ CASUAL∵∴ ❈
» Ride: Bikers Heaven

Party im Roadhouse
Am: Samstag
Ab: 20 Uhr --- 11am
Rogue Galaxy singt dann ab 22 Uhr --- 1pm Bikers Heaven

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Jerralyn Franzic: Love the outfits there! :) :) 2 months ago

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IndigoQueen King: What body does Lara X clothes fit? 3 months ago
Wir würden freuen wenn Ihr am 07.03.2024 ab 19 Uhr (10am)... unsere neue Sim
*Bikers Heaven* mit uns einweiht...
für gute Stimmung sorgt ab 19 Uhr DJ WINNI und von 20 - 21 Uhr wird
ROGUE GALAXY LIVE auftreten mit Rock und Countymusik...
Danach übernimmt DJ WINNI wieder

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We happy to announce that our new Mall is opened right now !

As you seen we didnt posted new updates the last 2 Weeks. We used the Time to build a Custom Mall for more space so we can grow.

Why a new Mall? We builded a modular System so we do not need always to change the Land. Every Store got a own Brand name so do not be confused about :)

We got so much new stuff done:
* Male Hair Shop as Requested ( 60+ Hairs with 6 Variation )
* Wedding Shop with Suits & Dresses
* Mesh Nail Shop
* Furniture Shop
* Decoration Shop
* Flower Shop
* Skin Shop ( ofcourse with new Skins )
* Sound Shop
and much more!

As requeseted there is allready a Inworld Group Joiner.
We hope that you like the new Mall and ofcourse there will come more stuff for you.

Happy Shopping,
Amelia & Hertha

Sylvia-Koeln: Thx for the quick and friendly Help 3 months ago

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Hey People,

you had a great start into the new Week? We had a small delay with releasing new Skins. Amelia & Me married last week in Real Life and we had a great Honeymoon!

We want to share with you new EvoX Male Skins in our Mall for you.

The matching body Skins are also ready to get!

We also working on a new Area for Landscaping Stuff. Amelia and me got lot of Custom Mesh works done in Blender in the past Months uploaded to Opensim and ofcourse we want to share it with you as well!

You can join our Group inworld too to stay informed!

Take care & Happy Shopping
Amelia & Hertha

Sodasullivan: Congratulations on your marraige! Thanks you for taking the time to bring these skins to the guys! 3 months ago

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Rogue Galaxy: nice!! 4 months ago

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Hey there,

we added more and more Skins for your EvoX Heads!
We also thank everyone for Feedback and to let you know about, the Body Skins also work on Athena, Lara X, Reborn and Persephone Body.

There are also 14 EvoX Heads (Avalon, Briannon and Ceylon) in our Store that we fixed with the flickering Lashes and shiny Eyes.

We started to add Skins for Males too! Same like on Female Side, there are 14 Colors with 3 different Skin types ( Slim, Fit, Dad )

Happy Shopping and Sunday
Amelia & Hertha

KatKakoola: I'm there as I write this - nice! Interesting things, sweet designs and a lovely open spacious mall. I'll definitely put Silverfox on my frequent visit list! 4 months ago
Hey everyone,
hope everybody is doing great today.

We have just updated our store with new Skins for Athena and EvoX Heads, also a new Eyes Megapack!

32 Skins, each got 4 versions to wear on your Athena Body.
5 different EvoX Skins (includes Ears, Neckfix, Shape and Eyebrows) that works perfect with the Skin tones!
31 Eyes Megapack on the Skins Entrance on our Mall!

Happy Shopping
Amelia & Hertha

ZoeyRavenheart: Hi! Will you be doing skins for any of the other bodies or just Athena? 4 months ago

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Jerralyn Franzic: Yay, for LaraX! Can't wait to try it :) 4 months ago


Parsons Creek Lodge getting a spring/summer make-over! :)


Hello everyone, hope everyone came good into the new Year 2024.

Yes, we still working on the Mall but as always Real Life crossed our Plans :)

We just released new Stuff for Gianni and Athena, as well as Tattoos!
Feel free to come around and check them out.

We opened our Winter Wonderland as well on Christmas. You had allready check it ? We just made a custom Ropeway inspired by the Ropeway Oberwiesenthal in Saxony/Germany.

Have a great Sunday.
Amelia & Hertha

Max Hill: Palast der Winde is a very beautiful region, it is a festival of colors, a real pleasure for the eyes. The atmosphere is successful 4 months ago
Hello everyone, hope everyone came good into the new Year 2024.

We just reworked the Skilift and Made a Custom Mesh Ropeway to Climb into the Riverdale Wonderland Moutnains! Inspired was it by the Ropeway Oberwiesenthal in Saxony \ Germany.

Safe drives and happy Sunday !
Amelia & Hertha

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2 hours of Rock featuring Rice Tyler and John Rocky February 26th, 2024 3:00-5:00 pm grid time.

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Jerralyn Franzic: I really need to work on my male alts in OS... heh :P ^_^ 5 months ago

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