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So I settled pretty much on this but changing every 4 hours

"Artemis" Sky Level 425 meters

Kashi Takeshi: Compliments, like always, awesome work FeliX! 12 days ago

Terri Bestijl: I had look last week to see if Poland Share was still online, I am saddened to hear of Pasha Theas, she will be truly missed. I had talked with her a few times in world. Now saying that happy to see y... 12 days ago

hop:// Terra/82/41/36

Ellen: You don't allow visitors from my world? 18 days ago

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Hello everybody Today we open our new store BLACK SHADES, all clothes in black shades for the REBORN body, we will fill the store with more clothes, shoes, and other fun things for the REBORN body later.
Arthur King
Hola a todos Hoy abrimos nuestra nueva tienda BLACK SHADES, toda la ropa en tonos negros para el cuerpo REBORN, más adelante llenaremos la tienda con más ropa, zapatos y otras cosas divertidas para el cuerpo REBORN.
Arthur King

hop:// Terra/225/49/25

Antonia Ling: Yes, I like black and this is a nice shop for black stuff. Thank you! 22 days ago

NineZero: She dyes it black, black, black, black number 1. 26 days ago

ALL grids are welcome! Please come on out and join us.

Thanksgiving has arrived at the Holiday Region. Turkey races, Potato sack runs, hayride and more.

SheaButter: I think the potato sack needs an ao to work. Otherwise it doesn't work to potato sack race. 27 days ago

OMG Ladies you aren't going to believe it.. 50 new Legacy Outfits at Grimm.. Come and get your Legacy On

Milly Money: Easily my favourite place for ladies clothing. If you haven't shopped here you are missing out :) 28 days ago

KEAKY Outfit
Reborn and Maitreya
Belt- Jumpsuit -Hells
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

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Skay Outfit
Belt-Boots-jacket-Shorts -Top
in white and Black/ withe
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

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hurry up and get yours 100% glam xxxx

Concetta Outfit _ Maitreya and Reborn
in any Colors
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

TailorNova: Würde ich selber nicht anziehen aber bei einer Frau sieht das bestimmt Super aus 30 days ago

**** NEW OUTFIT *****

*****NEW OUTFIT*****

come celebrate 8 years of free at Neverworld Grid Events 1st -4th of November with region spotlights, freebies, and fun entertainment.

Trick or Treat !
New Halloween Wednesday Outfit & Animesh Hand Thing !

KatKakoola: Just stuff to make you smile :) ty Chilli ! 1 month ago

Dark Sparrow Outfit
Boots-jacket-belt with Chain
Have a nice time and enjoy my creations
Yours Karin Becker

After all the halloween posts here is something different.... a nice shot made on the sim Atmos with shared windlight

Thanks everyone, we're still here ? Wow Happy Birthday Arkham City,I love you

Trick or Treat !
New BeetleJuice Halloween Outfits for Him and Her!

new kupra and legacy section .. come get yours now xxxx

New Release: Arcadia's Ghost Telephone

A nice vintage crank telephone you can rez to decorate your house.

If you sit on it, you can ask a question and receive a ghostly answer, just like a magic 8 ball.

But from time to time it'll ring by itself and if you answer you'll get a spooky story...

Read the instructions to know how to operate and a hidden option.

Available at the Main Shop and the satellite store at Wright Plaza.

Happy Friday!

NineZero: Thank you, Love it! I appreciate all of your content. 1 month ago