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hey there i'm Andy i'm a friendly person if you see me on the HG or anywhere say hi! i won't bite! i also have my Own grid that all are allowed to join see Region for details.
Forgotten Realities Lead Admin/Founder.
be excellent to each other just because we play as Different Avis doesn't mean we are not human behind every monitor we are all humans just remember the Golden Rule

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Forbidden Nature Nature 0 Users
come one come all enjoy the Fruits of Nature this is a PG sim please act according no Nudity no Sex this is a Hypergrid sim so please behave yourselves
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Forgotten Loony Bin Loony Bin 0 Users
hello and Welcome if you would like to Visit Forgotten Realities please feel free to sign up and make an account so that you may enter the Forgotten Realm and explore it should you have any Questions please feel to email me or send me an im in world and i will do my best…
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