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From the 1st to the 25th of each month, immerse yourself in the latest items, places and services available in Opensim.
Exhibitors for June include:
Forest Azure
Silas Moore
Alfred Morgan
Brenden Joseph
Prince Amor
Morning Glory
Mis Behave
Poppy Fields
VE Estates
Zweet ZurrondingZ

Poppy_Fields: Thank you Andromeda. Legacy compatible version coming soon! 2 days ago
Egyptian Necklace by CJ Goldman can be found in the Monentes Jewelry store foyer. Jewelry

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
This is a human-readable summary of (and not a substitute for) the license. Disclaimer.
You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.
New at the Ashland Jewelry store on the Ashland region of the Wolf Territories Grid. This set is called "Monica" and it comes in silver and gold options with many different colors of stones. Free and full perms.

New project, Next one will be better :) Stay tuned
(Nexus Textures, Joe Mesh)

Ellen: When is the private tour? 23 days ago

New Dress Hell - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

Greetings, Gridlings. Best wishes to all our OpenSim friends on the 13 YEAR rezz day of Lani region on 1 May 2023. ..."May your footsteps be soft upon the sand. May the giant worms make a smooth path through the dunes of your future destiny." - from Lani Global

Kylie Brimmer: wow 13 years and still going strong :) i like that place so much. 1 month ago

Noah Wolf: Very Nice the Sim .Thanks for the Items 5 Stars + 2 months ago

Country Girl and Proud!
One of my very first Designs!

MillyAnnMorgana: TYVM for the likes! Yay! Hugs;-) 3 months ago
Becky Beige
I never give the name of a person to an outfit, but, on a whim, I'm calling this one Beckie. And she is in a beige colored dress. Come say oh HELLO to Becky Beige and bring her home with you. She can live in your closet just fine.

Oh HELLO: Home of Beckie Beige and friends
I don't understand why there are rosicons who as soon as they see something much more beautiful than theirs tell you that you copy things or you copied the objects in their sim while many others leave the opportunity to have the objects in the shop without breaking the maroni .... .this is called ROSICARE FOR INABILITY TO DO!!!!!!
directly to R_Lion from dominique toretto

Star Ravenhurst: When I first joined Open Sim there was not a lot available except a lot of Linda Kelly and for furniture, WIckenshire had (and still does) the most beautiful prim-built furnishings and decor I have ev... 4 months ago

!! NEUHEIT IN OS !! BAAALD.. kommen die beiden Bodys Luna & Chonsu (based on Legacy) in den Laden. Dazu gibt es natürlich für Frau und Mann auch Kleidung. Darum ist es im Moment auch ziemlich still bei uns im Grid .. ich bin mächtig am arbeiten. Spezieller Dank für die Bodys geht ans Adult-life Grid, Moonrose Grid & das Mare Grid. Vielen Dank für Euer Vertrauen !

!! NOVELTY IN OS !! SOOOOON .. the two bodys Luna & Chonsu (based on Legacy) come into the store. Of course, there are also clothes for women and men. That's why it's pretty quiet in our grid at the moment. I'm really working. Special thanks for the bodys go to the Adult-life Grid, Moonrose Grid & the Mare Grid. Thank you for your trust !
No llevo mucho tiempo en Open sim, y ya lo e visto practicamente todo. pero lo que mas e notado, el nivel de competencia entre grids, e incluso entre los mismos residentes de un mismo grid. No voy a explayarme demasiado, voy a ser directa y puntal: No voy a apoyar a quien de manera desleal tome lo que alguien a creado para ser COMPARTIDO DE MANERA GRATUITA, y lo venda x la moneda que sea, no importa si es 1... 5 o 1000 $ , las cosas deben FREE PARA TODOS, e creado contenido PROPIO para ser vendido, pero me di cuenta que los negocios deben ser dejados lado en un ambiente que a sido creado para hacer amistades. Chicos de Matrix , tienen el apoyo de nuestra comunidad!

edito y agrego pruebas de que se venden cosas que son GRATUITAS en otros grids

BearHug: You have no defense. You blame others for your crimes. You take no responsibility. Worst is you also steal and are selling stolen content inworld and on your web site. You are responsible and no other... 5 months ago


*** Athletic Legacy Mesh Body ***
All fixed up for you ... includes some clothes (more coming soon) a really nice bento cock with hud (more animations than your rl cock)
Ver 1.4 all working ..... *thanks for your help Dark Wolf*
Driving force behind this project is. Matrix Grid, Troy and his brother Alex. These two guys are awesome.
Find the Legacy Body in Matrix Grid (Osgrid has decided you have no access) and also In CopyKat Grid ... at landing spot

This here outfit has been updated. Same: boots and skirt. New: everything else. Hair, top, jacket, jewelry.

oh HELLO: New or Newfangled -- Always Outfits with Options.

Nico Kaliani: I have deleted the comments about the use of R. Lion hair in this outfit after first saving a copy of them. I will be sending that to Richard and we will be discussing the matter privately. Please res... 6 months ago
The past week was more than turbulent for the MoonRose team. In addition to the start of the Christmas season and the associated advent calendar, we have again brought a lot of fashion to MoonRose.

This time, the lords of creation are the main beneficiaries.

In cooperation with the Mare Grid ( DarkWolf has realized the CHONSU body. This is based on the SL Body Legacy. There is already a lot of fashion available for this.

The CHONSU Body is available at MoonRose Shopping Mall. After a short registration you will receive the body. Registration takes place in the presentation area.

New in the program now:
Chrissy Coage is now offering Soft Thighs. The fashion-conscious woman will immediately know what it is about. You can find the soft tights at the landing point on the left.

The house of D – The new creative forge in OpenSIM
With the project 'The house of D.' offers all interested SIM operators and grid operators the opportunity to upgrade their SIMs. You will find out how in the next message.

Upcoming Events and Events

08.12.2022 from 8 p.m
Richi's Music Call Call Oase

11.12.2022 from 8 p.m
We kick the weekend. The end of the weekend party

December 15, 2022 from 8 p.m
Richi's Music Call Call Oase

December 24th, 2022 from 7 p.m
Christmas party at the MoonRose Grid. For all those who are spending Christmas at home, we will be hosting a Christmas party in a cultivated environment from 7 p.m. In cooperation with the Dyvall Grid ( we blow the dust out of the fat old man's suit.
Pretty, Pink, Punched and Pierced
Well, well,well. What do we have here? The Iris pink Plastic mini skirt and top. Booties (tinted pink by moi) from the R2 KOHARU Dress silver outfit. The R. Lion-Bebe Hair fat pack, part of a huge collection available soon on the CopyKat Grid. Also, jewelry.

But the coolest of that is the PUNCH _ Starry Night _ Collarbone piercing. I found it about three years ago at some shop I've now forgotten. I haven't seen this piercing in any shop since. Dare I say it? This is a rare object and, as far as I can tell, now only available at oh HELLO.

oh HELLO: Outfits with Options

Luna Lunaria: Love the pink outfit. Might have to check this one out :-) 7 months ago
Oh My Gourd!
Whether you like smell and taste of pumpkin spice or not, it does bring rich and warm colors to the fall color palette. Every item in this outfit is part of a fat pack. Here's some colors you might consider using if you customize the outfit.

Also, check out "20 Fall Color Palettes for a Warm Fall Aesthetic." Many of them include colors found in the pumpkin spice palette. If you like, pick one of them to use as a guide to a broader array of color combinations.

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Suzan Von Otter: you forget the Heels in the outfit ;)) 7 months ago

New Beachdress Jasmina - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

New Beachdress Anima - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

News at Elas Fashion look in the news-Shop have all fun and great Time to all
your Karin Becker

Taliya: Ganz toll gemacht wieder ...Danke 8 months ago
AUTUMN IS HERE: Why are you still rezing green trees in your region? Come to FLORA, wide variety of plants with seasonal textures (*). Available for FREE and FULLPERM
(*)Not included at evergreen or tropical ones!

The Etheria Grid: Jimmy Flora is SUCH a treasure, thank you so much!! 8 months ago
In addition to creating things in Opensim, my other passion is a series of novels I'm working on. Here is an excerpt from one of those books titled Eos Renascent:

"There is only one moment in all of time that matters."

"And which one is that?" Kaia asked, looking into her glowing yet serene face.

"The moment of Renascence, when you remember and time vanishes, with all that it created.”

Kaia looked away, disturbed. “I thought you were here to help me prevent that from happening.”

“That is not my purpose, for that moment is inevitable and it is not within my power to prevent it. You can only hold it at bay and only for so long. The entire universe yearns for its coming and collectively holds its breath in anticipation.”

“Then why am I here? I don’t understand,” Kaia asked, holding her face in her hands.

“Nothing is required of you but your acceptance,” she replied, stroking Kaia’s long, white hair.

“But I love them,” she sobbed, “I love them all!”

“Then cherish those present moments and the love held within them, for only Love transcends time,” she answered quietly, holding Kaia close. “You cannot understand how much you are loved, for there is no parallel in your experience to help you understand it. There is nothing on Eos to compare it to, or that even faintly resembles it. Every act of love on your part will live on, and not one little smile you gave or willingness to overlook even the tiniest mistake will be lost to you."

-from Eos Renascent

Luna Lunaria: here is my Facebook writer's page for those interested. It has links to read the first few chapters: 8 months ago

Bat Queen earrings can be found in the Monentes store foyer. Free/Full Perms Jewelry

Marianna : Thank you very much for the tip! It is much appreciated and never expected - such a nice gift thank you :) 9 months ago
I Have Nothing To Say.
To quote the always enigmatic John Cage, "I have nothing to say, and I am saying it."

Get the outfit at:

Oh HELLO: Outfits that say, I don't know. Something?

Thirza Ember: I like that you're so cagey. 10 months ago

NEW!!!! Adona Dress

New release ** EUROPEAN BLACK ALDER TREES PACK (Alnus glutinosa) ** FREE and FULL PERM at FOREST AREA BOX 02*** Seasonal textures included (1024x1024 pixels or 128x128px for helping reducing graphic lag on region ) - Leaves with a smooth animation.
PS. Alder trees that were already on FLORA, I renamed them. They are now called Gray Alder Trees (Alnus incana) so both now look like trees in RL.Enjoy :)

Jimmy Olsen: FLORA SIM AUG 07th 2022 UPDATE * Fixed the winter texture of the Black Alder tree that was missing and also improved (FOREST AREA - BOX 02). If u have already rezed dont worry u dont need replace them... 10 months ago

** NEW RELEASE ** DWARF DATE PALM TREE PACK ** 01 prim mesh (up til 12 trees) with animated leaves. All FREE and FULL PERM available at BOX 01, TROPICAL AREA. Enjoy :)

VeritasMcMaster: I see, click "Flora" at top and takes you to page with LMs 10 months ago
Announcing a new hud... "Wizardry". It is a magical hud with many more powers than all the other huds combined. It was created by a great Wizard at the College of Scripting Magic in the FreeMagic region. He left it there just waiting for the right one to discover it. The right one is NOT priscilla kleenex. When you arrive at FreeMagic on your journey to find this great magic, you must take your time... Amble across the long rope bridge, do not fly or even attempt to. If you attempt to fly you will be kicked, if you are kicked 3 times you will forevermore be banned from the land of Magic. Slowly walk across the long rope bridge from the FreeMagic store to the Wizard's castle, then go around back and walk up the long bridge from the Wizard's castle to the College of Scripting Magic. Inside is a test for those who are worthy to receive the hud. But if you flew or attempted to fly, you will not be able to take the Hud. So Mote it Be! You are forwarned! Now a word to the wise young traveller.... "In the Play of Bright And Dark, of Day and Knight, The Magic Starts. Thus Heed Ye Well This Worded Art, Let Clever Play Reflections Part!"...

CyberGlo CyberStar: it have been opened for you Ludo. You were blocked previously for selling mustard on the corner of the building. 10 months ago

Advantis Neverworld lower mall added a few new items also working on the Cyberpunk Tokyo underground area which can be found from the tps more to come with this !!!

Wyrril : YOU THE BEST!!!!!!! 12 months ago
Faith, Hope, No Charity.
The hair is named Faith. The skirt is named Hope. And Charity? There is no item named Charity in this outfit. I couldn't find anything with that name in my inventory or in the shops I visited. I even asked a few friends. No luck. I was tempted to change the name of the boots to Charity. But look at them. I'd never get away with the ruse. Faith. Hope. No Charity. Sorry. It's the best I can do. However, the outfit has a gothic studded bra and an off-shoulder fur coat! Yippee, I guess. This trashy classy outfit is found at oh HELLO.

Symphony: cute. great hair too. 1 years ago

I'm thinking I need a bigger storage yard this One is 16 region Var and has 300 sci-fi ships.
Stacking them is no option. My map pic, since this pic was taken added 6 more ships.

StevieZee: How about putting them on plinths so they look like they flying 1 years ago
I Love Socks
Do you love socks? I do. The preacher said 'no socks' before marriage. But I listened to sockologists instead. They say that wearing shoes without socks will make your feet stink. Who wants to marry someone with stinky feet? These sock experts also say. "Boots mean socks — period". This outfit, with boots, naturally, has socks — exclamation point!

I'm not sure stinky foot preacher will like the rest of the outfit either. Hey dude, put a sock in it.

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Misty_Falls: I love my socks too, especially toe-socks.... thanx for the witty humor! 1 years ago
Anatomy of An Outfit
I loved the pants. I did not like the bizarre white fringe pompoms at the bottoms. So I killed them. Killed them dead. Next, the shoes. Found a pair with a color that matched the pattern at the bottom of the legs. Extra credit bonus points for the tassels that tie into the look of the dangling belt strings. I had to go shopping for just the right top. Found it! What's right about it? Just about everything. For me, the killer feature is the asymmetry of the collar that brings the outfit to the next level. To complete the look -- long flowing hair. Oh ya, and the lipstick, which is not included in the outfit. Find it in the mega pack of HedFaktori makeup at Adachi Tertius

Oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Symphony: Super cute. 1 years ago
I'm Naked!
Not in this picture. This is a new outfit I'm not wearing at the moment. At the moment I'm wearing nothing at all! I'm at the Naked Yoga event, happening now. (Fri. 3pm SLT). You too can be not wearing this outfit at the event. But of course not wearing the outfit doesn't really count unless you have the outfit not to wear. (Sometimes I confuse even myself), The outfit is found at The Naked Yoga event is at Yoga Center
"Qu'est-ce que c'est?"
What is this? It's an outfit with Belzebubble Jogging Pants! (Yes, that is the real name). Jogging! Better, run, run, run, run, run, run, run away to oh HELLO, where you can get killer-deals on outfits with fat-packs and pre-set body alpha HUDs. It's crazy!

oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

Fyyff: Psycho Killer by Talking Heads 1 years ago
Where Are The Cows?
In 1907, the promotional phrase “milk from contented cows” was introduced. This slogan referred to the higher quality milk from happy cows grazing in the lush Pacific Northwest. Well, I do live in the PNW. I am a vegetarian, as are cows. But I don't make milk. I make outfits right here in OS. And I'm mostly content when I do it.

Just this week I've put 4 new outfit into the oh HELLO shop. This is one of them. Do I look content? What's more important is, will you be when wearing this?

oh HELLO: Outfits for Contented Customers.

Nico "CoolKat" Kailani: Free cow in every box! 1 years ago

"You Look Marvelous!"
This outfit, and all the other absolutely marvelous outfits darling, are now found in the CopyKat grid.

Available for FREE and FULLPERM at 3D MUSEUM SIM.. Enjoy :)

Kris Patrick: This is awesome, thanks, Jimmy. 1 years ago