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This corner is inspired by the Parisian tradition of "The Lock Bridge", by which for many generations thousands of lovers leave their locks on a bridge over the Seine and throw the keys into the river, manifesting with this gesture that their love is eternal. Putting locks is illegal nowadays in RL, but in iEchoes you still can put yours.
Come request it today and let's fill Opensim with love.

The pinecones Lodges

Nautilus Cape Cod has reopened its Fish House Restaurant! Have a romantic Dinner or grab a lunch after sailing and exploring the Nautilus Ocean waters. The Restaurant is across from the Marina that has many free boats that work effortlessly on the Nautilus waters. The Restaurant has charming views of Cape Cod which has long term residents. There are free cottages to call home, the last one just became available and sits on its own private Island. ENJOY! Cod

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*** SEASONAL TEXTURES AVAILABLE AT FLORA* on pretty much all trees there (*). Why are u still playing green tree when its damn cold outside O.o ?????
(*) Textures not included on tropical and/or evergreen plants.
Mariner's Bay Dance Party
Where: HOPE
When: 2 years ago [12 Feb 2022 12:00 SLT]

Bring your sandals, flip flops or sweetie to a fun filled pre Valentines day dance party at Mariner's, Featuring live DJ's Shallow Waves, Andron Rae and Delirium Teardrop! All welcome