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SACRARIUM GRID(opensim)-14th of February,lovers day

SACRARIUM GRID(opensim)-Wedding of Alena and Pavel 14.02.2020

May this Valentine’s Day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with those you hold dear!!!

Summer amnesty 2019 Sacrarium grid !
Summer amnesty 2019
It's time for a big change!
This world is full of hostility, borders between people, constant conflicts, swearing, scandals and dirty rumors. Friends can’t meet friends from another grids, people can’t be free to choose their virtual journey because ban. Grids ban each other’s and no one care about ordinary users. Opensim is no more friendly and free place. Sacrarium will no longer tolerate this. We want to change the virtual universe in the direction of peace and freedom for all. From today we declare an amnesty for all banned grids. Yes exactly. Starting today, all violators who have been banned for one reason or another are free to visit the Sacrarium. Without preconditions. We want to see the virtual world free from borders and prejudices, so we are taking the first step in this direction. This is our act of goodwill. Please, follow the rules of Sacrarium and do not repeat your mistakes. Be friendly, kind, tolerate and enjoy everything what we have. Please come as a friend and feel like home. Have a nice summer to everyone!
Best regards,
Sacrarium team

Who will tell me More about this grid 3dLove

Happy Birthday Sacrarium
Dear friends !
10-August Sacrarium celebrates its first anniversary. One year is not such a long period of time, but during this time the Sacrarium has achieved really significant results. In just one year, the Sacrarium went from an unknown grid to one of the most popular projects on the Opensim platform in the world. The activities of the Sacrarium have seriously influenced the development of the entire universe of the Opensim, making it more vivid and interesting. You can compare Opensim before Sacrarium with what we have now: these are hundreds of gigabits of high-quality content and thousands of satisfied users. In just a year of the existence of the Sacrarium, the universe of the Opensim has changed beyond recognition. Today it is impossible to find a grid on which there would be no Sacrarium content. Farewell our primitive past and hello New wonderful mesh era! [Here must be evil genius’s laugh :)].

Let us recall the history of the development of our project. Exactly one year ago, on August 9, 2017, the Sacrarium main server and several regions were launched in the test mode.

Sacrarium officially celebrated its opening on September 19, 2017. A large-scale and incendiary disco was held at the central location. The Sacrarium had a serious reason to celebrate. The new grid was released in the top 25 most popular grids and took the 14th line with 597 active users! And this statistic is only for the first month of the project in the test mode.

Hipergrid Business magazine did not ignore this event: "We haven’t had many Russian-language grids on our lists, and none from Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic located in Central Asia — until now. Sacrarium currently has 11 regions and 81 registered residents, but reported more than 500 active users this past month. It’s on the hypergrid, so visitors can teleport in from other grids without registering for a local account ” […/opensim-adds-more-lan...].

Despite the fact that Sacrarium's native language is Russian, we refused to target only the Russian-speaking segment of users. We made the project international to open our doors to the whole world. We wanted to bring our love and philosophy to everyone regardless of their native language. Today users from Russia, Kazakhstan, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil and some other countries of the world live in the Sacrarium. The language of communication is English, which everyone understands. At present Sacrarium occupy the 5th top popularity line.

WhiteAngel Deed says: "Yes, Sacrarium is an international grid. We try to make it comfortable for all visitors. At the same time we wanted the grid to have some design details that would remind us that the grid has "Soviet Russia" roots. Therefore, we use Soviet posters, statues of Lenin, Stalin, etc. This does not mean that we are fanatical Communists or something like that. It just looks very provocative, very noticeable. We began to use it after one of our haters called us "these f#cking Marxists". We found this rather amusing and decided to make communist slogans part of our image. In fact we like to deliver butthurt to our haters. To some extent we really have real socialism here. Everything is free for all and everyone is equal in their rights. "

The reason for creating a new grid was the desire of the Afes project to gain independence from the Metropolis grid. There was an idea to create a grid that would unite the largest and most popular freebie shops from the entire universe of Opensim in one place. It should be a special grid, which will differ in its morality, philosophy and politics from all other virtual worlds. We needed a grid that will not only become popular, but will also change people's attitude to Opensim's capabilities. The grid was named "Sacrarium", which can be interpreted as "a special hidden place where holy things are kept." It's something like a secret temple and the holy of holies, something that is hidden from the uninitiated. It sounds pretty pathos. An excellent name for a grid which was going to carry such a serious mission. The logo of the grid was the letter "S", stylized as a key image. The symbol of the key means the opportunity

to open the gates in a new era. This is a special magic key that opens a secret door to the mystical garden of pleasures. You can remember this key from the book "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is an 1865 novel written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.

When the Sacrarium was launched, we began offering free hosting for large and popular projects of freebies. At the very beginning few responded to our generous invitation. Most freebie stores feel quite comfortable on the largest popular grids. It was the sunset of the golden era of Opensim when there were no serious shocks and life was on its way.

But everything changed very soon when in the community of Opensim the question arose of the legality of the content and the struggle with the copybot. A time before an administrators of large Grids only reacted to rare complaints from rightholders removes the subjects of the complaint from their databases. That time has gone and many Grids decided to act without waiting for complaints from the rightholders and decide independently which content should be deleted.

WhiteAngel Deed says: "There was no evidence to blame any region or user in the copybot. User property was deleted without warning directly from their inventory. Many regions and users were banned for this. They lost their own and lands. This fight with the copybot was called "Witch Hunt" by many. Anyone could become a victim even on anonymous blames. Of course, we also sometimes deleted quite a lot of content. But we had good reasons for this. We had a DMCA complaint of a confirmed rights owner. Consideration of such complaints and documents took us quite a lot of time it was not easy. When we removed illegal content, we were 100% sure that it was a copybot. Copybot fighting it is not the same like a "Witch Hunt". We always try to be inside law space. We had to defend our position despite the fact that the entire grids began to live according to the laws of the Wild West."

Many of the popular freebie stores were expelled from other grids. They found their new home in the Sacrarium. Unlike many other grids Sacrarium has stood up for the protection of legitimate property rights of its users.

WhiteAngel Deed says: "The Sacrarium became more and more popular because other Grids lost their freebie stores, and the Sacrarium acquired them. It was a very funny to watch it. Our popularity become a result of story events fortune and using of local copyright laws. In Kazakhstan, copyright law is not as stringent as it is in the US or the EU. And we use it why not? "

According to the rules of the Sacrarium no object can be removed without the rightholder's declaration. No one can be accused of anything without presenting convincing evidence. These conditions proved to be very beneficial for owners of popular freebie shops and they increasingly left other grids to be in the Sacrarium.

Over time, many Grids also adopted this practice and the "Witch Hunt" practically ceased. Today, there is a civilized procedure for the removal of illegal content on all respected grids, which includes reviewing the complaint, confirming the applicant's legal rights and removing the confirmed content. Thanks to the Sacrarium several grids were liquidated which sold the copybot for money.

WhiteAngel says: "We just blocked access to users of pirated grid. Sacrarium is a very popular grid that provides the whole world with content. When users of pirate grids understand that they can no longer access the Sacrarium, they begin to leave that grids for live in other grids that have access to Sacrarium. Together with them they take their regions cancel land lease agreements. Pirate Grid begins to lose mass users, land and money. Then they do not have enough money to host own servers and eventually these grids are closed. Trade with copybot is perhaps the most real crime which must be punished. Illegal

profit extraction is unacceptable. Of course there are times when some grids bans the Sacrarium. But it's even funnier. Now you understand what I mean exactly."

Over the past year Sacrarium Grid has reached the highest level of development in terms of artistic design of locations, the complexity of many scripts and the beauty of avatars and animations. Here you can see a lot of things that you can not find anywhere else. Often familiarity with the Sacrarium of the users of Second Life leads to the fact that they make their choice in favor of Opensim. This is a living proof that today Opensim as a project in many respects is on an equal footing with the Second Life, and in places even surpasses it.

WhiteAngel says: " Sacrarium it is a large team of developers each of whom is a true professional. We have 3d-modelers, programmers, artists, engineers, PR managers, sociologists, psychologists and lawyers. We are a non-profit project so all these nice guys work for their own pleasure. We are all here only for the sake of pleasure. Our common goal is to bring people joy, to give them pleasure. To everyone were happy. So today I want to thank all of our team. I will not name names, there are many, I'm afraid of someone forgetting and offending. I'll say simply: Dude, you're just handsome! Each of you is a unique person and I thank each and every one of you! Without you all this could not become a reality. "

We hope that the Sacrarium for many years will become a source of joy for all the inhabitants of virtual worlds propagating the ideas of friendship, peace, humanism and justice. In any case, the Sacrarium is a world of dream, creativity and friendship.

Happy Birthday Sacrarium