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Na Sioga
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Land of the Great Gaia Tree of Life. Summer land of the fey and children of Danu. ( connected to the land of the Fey Wilds, a fantasy RP world)
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Never Harbor
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Come sail away! Never Harbor, near the welcome center, the portals, and village! Come enjoy the yacht club and Freebie Town, Shopping and other things to do! Enjoy! Boats, vehicles of all kinds, and freebie shops!
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Never Village
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Shops full of things made by Neveworld builders, open sim things, carriage rides,and a little rp!! A coastal little village with surprises around every corner!
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So many places to photograph I could not post anymore photos! ;) Na Sioga is connected to a huge RP land, The Fey Wilds, come play with us!

A wee village

The Tree

Dance and Rest

Enter the Forest of the Children of Danu where each step is a dance.

The Great Gaia Tree, All are welcome, and many things are copy!

Welcome to Na Sioga, Land of the Gaia Tree and the children of Danu. This is a role play sim but many things are copy!

Shops and stall are filling up!!!!

Jared Seda: I tried going again but can't get there either. 7 days ago

The shops are filling up with wonderful things!

For the foodies!!!!!



Sail away!

AlbaW: Welcome to Never Harbor! 24 days ago

come celebrate 8 years of free at Neverworld Grid Events 1st -4th of November with region spotlights, freebies, and fun entertainment.


Enjoy the Never Village Market Square!

Jamie Wright: Shea, the grid is getting some TLC. Check back in a day or two and it should all be back. Never Village is a super sweet region:) 10 months ago

Come take a carriage ride and explore Never Village, an eclectic variety of shopping!

We are growing! Never Village is filling up! Sail on into the Harbor! Shops with Never World builders items, open sim things, all freebies!

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Never Village Cares! Sharing is Caring! All my finds & builds are shareable! Write me if not ;) I will fix & share! Lots of different freebies from my adventurous shopping! Lots of different things from the NEVERWORLD FAMILY!!! Our grid builders have stuff here too!!!!!!!!! Just about anything you can think of! Very unique!

Virtual Recall

An amazing sim! Made with knowledge, detail, and some good humor thrown in! Fun free stuff too! <3

Cherry Freebies

I would give this 10 stars!!!!! It is an amazing build!!! Just go see it to believe it! Cherry is a beyond amazing builder!

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