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16 1 0 Users NewLifeItaly Italia nasce sei anni fa in veste di Videochat questo perchè la realtà della videochat permette di conoscersi meglio e parlare più a lungo con tante persone e personalità differenti. Negli anni abbiamo sempre cercato di creare e sviluppare molti progetti all...
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would you like to live in tuscany?

AbbiAshland: That looks so pretty. 3 days ago

Creare è dare una forma al proprio destino...

Sylvia-Koeln: To all those who were kicked : you didn't miss anything. A mall like a hundred others also ......with old clothes..... you know for years. 12 days ago

Angeldark: Bellissimo! 15 days ago

we have fun. And you?

tonight, music, fun.. on NewLifeItaly you will never be alone

“Gli italiani lo fanno meglio”

... “Our lives begin to end the day we shut up in front of the things that matter.”
not long, shhhhh


Don't worry, we're not crazy ;)

OpenSimUser: But i might just be lol 5 months ago

MiguelTorres: Many thanks for the lovely night and music!! Lena Noris and Miguel Torres 5 months ago

dj adry ora in diretta , sei ancora li a leggere?
dj adry now live , are you still there reading?

Italiani ne abbiamo? ;)

AdryMovida: :) 5 months ago

MovidaItalia wishes you a merry Christmas.

Spend a fun pre-Christmas with us, with the music of DJ ADRY and DJ TOMBEUR, we are waiting for you ;) 20 December 13:00

Angeldark: Ci sarò! 5 months ago
Merry Christmas from Movida Italia

Movida Italia was born six years ago as a Videochat because the reality of videochat allows you to get to know each other better and talk longer with many different people and personalities. Over the years we have always tried to create and develop many projects within movida, one of which is RadioMovida,
a web radio created with the aim of entertaining, entertaining, keeping company and creating an increasingly true and direct relationship with our users and listeners.. and it is above all for them that we have decided to land here too, giving all users a " world" where they could feel free to build and play with their imagination.
On Movidaitalia you will find various interesting shops, from furniture, to clothing (both for men and women), a Disco and a Music Club, the Christmas village with an adjoining market and many games that we can play together with the intention of having fun and getting to know each other better . Join the world of Movida too!! We are waiting for you. The staff

I know it doesn't matter ;)

Jupiter Rowland: Somewhere out there in the vastnesses of the Metaverse, someone had a terrific idea for an avatar. And I'm not talking about Wednesday, I'm pretty sure she has been done as an avatar already. 6 months ago

The music of the night

Movida Grows, everything else is just noise ;)

Lorena: Message: You dont have access to this region 6 months ago

Christmas market

La qualità non fa numeri ;)

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ciupa ;)


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The Mall

Mrs. MarjaHaven should know that on opensim you can find everything, even the things that she says not to copy, because she is the creator, every time you enter she disturbs you in chat (without saying goodbye) telling you not to copy. 1) if the products are blocked without the copy, I don't see what the problem is. 2) The things she has can be found everywhere on opensim. 3) She is not the creat...

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