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Unique mesh items for your convenience by Aaack Aardvark, no relation with Arcadia Asylum. All the content is made from scratch by myself.
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Did you know?

The picture frame I offer at my store has some secrets for you, the box actually will deliver you two models: classic and modern, and two versions for each model: 1:1 for square pictures and 4:3 for pictures with the aspect ratio of the profile pictures (think 1024x768 for example).

You can load as many pictures as you want inside them, and make them slideshow or just display the one you choose, and also it will full-bright the picture manually or automatically if you so desire (they go full-bright at night automatically).

I've modeled both frames from real life examples I had at home, the laziest and easiest set of references ever!

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

The mini platform is an unassuming utility thought to be used in public sandboxes or similar.

It provides a space where you can build in the air, from the control console you can move, rotate, rez a pose platform, lights, railings and a whole shell for improved privacy.

It features custom cams setups you can change with shift + left or right arrow keys so you can quickly enable or disable a function.

The mini platform is something I've been making since my days in SL, it removes the unnecessary mind clutter to let me focus on what's important: Build!
I've received some reports about objects not delivered in my sim, here's what I've found so far:

This problem will affect only to HG users, in particular from grids that uses the suitcase, that being said it won't affect all grids using it.

It seems to be some new phenomena, this started about a month ago tops.

You WILL receive the products you click, except they will appear in your inventory after a relog.

I can't do much about it but I'll report this as a bug at the open grid mantis.

So, tldr; this is just a bug that fixes itself upon relog, nothing to worry about but annoying nonetheless.

HG Magic, you gotta love it.
Much love guys, have a nice night.-

(Edit: I made that bonk hammer and pose for the pic, now idk what to do with it, so if anyone wants a copy of it IM me inworld)
Did you know?

The long necklace was one of my first (and very few, sadly) attempts to make jewelry. It's design comes from the 1920's necklaces that used to go down past the belly button.

It's completely white, the idea is for you to tint it to match your outfit and it's rigged so it will move with your avatar. They told me it goes with everything so apparently it's useful enough even for mesh avatars!

Happy Friday (yay Friday).
Did you know?

The park bench was the first conversion from PMAC to SFPoser I released to the public, the reason is that it sits three and it switches automatically from single seater to two and three as avatars sits on the bench.

My intention was to show clearly the possibilities and animations the bench offers according to how many avatars sits on it, that wasn't possible with PMAC.

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

The espresso machine is a replica of a Brevetti Gaggia coffee maker, circa 1950. It's a commercial machine suitable for bars and restaurants but thanks to the magic of open grid you can use it anywhere!

Since I love to suffer, apparently, I made every coffee type I saw in Wikipedia under "coffee", so the machine gives 8 different varieties, each with it's own cup, animations and bento hand poses. The coffee level goes down as you sip your cup until it's empty and then the coffee detaches automatically. No perma attachement.

Happy Wednesday!
Hi everyone!

Due changes on the sim's binaries you've may noticed that LPS is zero now, so instead of lines of scripts per second I changed the indicator to show Time Dilation instead which is a more useful data anyway. A value greater than 1.0 means that your sim is lagging (you may feel it as rubberbanding).

Also I've fixed a long lasting bug that made the first line of the indicator be grey unless edited. Now that's not necessary anymore.

You can get your fresh copy at the main shop.

Have a great day and sorry for today's double posting.
Did you know?

The aviator watch is inspired in a quick fix in WW2 watches: the band used to break easily due the harsh conditions, so pilots and navigators used to attach the watch to a thick band made of leather securing it and preventing a possible loss.

The watch you can get at my store comes with a brown or black band, you can resize it safely to fit your avatar and of course adjust it's time with a click of your mouse =)

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

My texture organiser is an implementation of a script set found on a prim organiser, originally the colours and aesthetics of the prim didn't match my place so I decided to make a different look for it.

The organiser is one of those rare objects that have a derelict look, I'm not a fan of grunge but I had fun making this 70's inspired object, a mix of industrialism and Sci-Fi.

It's also the first object I made to be modular, as you can add categories to it (or remove them), resulting in truly gigantic texture organisers that'll keep your inventory small and uncluttered.

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

The torsion pendulum clock, otherwise known as anniversary clock is a fascinating technology of days past. Instead of a pendulum that rocks from side to side it has a weight that rotates clockwise and counter clockwise providing movement to the cog wheels to display the time.

The one at my store replicates such movement with some clever scripting, I made this clock way before I knew about keyframing movement so the effect of accelerating and de-accelerating rotation is made with target omegas and timing alone. Still it does a convincing job, oh and of course it displays the time =)

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

The sun clock is one of the hallmarks of the American households of the 60's, it has been made in many colours and shapes but sharing the same basic design: a small clock and sun rays around it.

For some reason it fits on any house aesthetic, my version uses the time of the server as initial time (that you can adjust by clicking on it) and once you setup your preferred time it won't ever forget the proper offset because it stores the data on a prim, making it impervious to any server shenanigans that may happen in the future.

Happy Saturday!
Did you know?

The Wall Clock is intended to be both a clock and a piece of art for your walls.

It's a linear clock, it doesn't have hands but two bars that will slide around showing you the time but also it does track the time of the sim itself, how?

The background art will change if it's dawn, day, sunset or night, I chose impressionist pieces because they are just beautiful but you can put any art in it to be displayed. Also there's a tiny indicator on the bottom that will tell you if it's day or night.

I'm very passionate about clocks, I thought this can be something different for you house. Oh! btw you can resize it safely, it won't break =)

Happy Friday!
Did you know?

The Caprioni Ca.1 was the first mass produced WW1 italian bomber. It had three massive Fiat engines that often required maintenance in mid flight.

It had also a very comfortable turret on the back, a crew member had to walk to it while flying to man the weapons, very safe and refreshing!

My version seats three avatars and it's massive, a true wonder of what cutting edge technology (of 100 years ago) can produce!

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

I've always been fascinated by pennyfarthers, they're so elegant and graceful and HUGE!

The one I offer at my shop uses a very modified script of an airplane! But that's a secret, don't tell anyone!
The reason is that I wanted to bank when you turn and that was the only way I could find to do it properly but the side-effect of such atrocity is that the bicycle can jump unrealistically high as if it had a million balloons tied to it.

Also it's very challenging to drive over terrain, this is a civilized bike, for civilized roads... Which means you will laugh a lot trying to drive on rough surfaces, of course.

Happy Wednesday!
Did you know?

The monowheel is a proof of concept, I wanted to make a vehicle with animesh, I did the piston assemble of the steam engine with it because it's impossible to animate otherwise. The monowheel came with a lot of caveats and it's not the smoothest vehicle I've made, however it's fun to drive around.

Also I wanted to be a four sitter so people can enjoy being driven at high speeds into walls and other obstacles, there's nothing like sharing the terror of realising that the driver can't really drive.

The more the merrier, right? =D

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

The Personal Airship is loosely based on an illustration of the very first non-rigid dirigibles in the world. It's also realistically sized.

It was meant to be a comfortable hangout place you can drive around and it's still one of the most stress-less vehicles I've ever made!

Happy Monday!
Did you know?

The Fokker Dr.1 had a rotary engine, that means the whole engine rotated with the propeller, it was cutting edge tech for WWI! However those engines couldn't actually throttle, you could make it slightly faster and slower by modifying the mix of fuel/air and that was that.

My replica tries to emulate that by allowing you to throttle it from 70% to 100% only, so to land you need to actually cut the engine and if you want to stop once on land you need to turn your engine off, otherwise you will end smacking your tushy against something and no one wants that, right? =D

Happy Sunday!
Did you know?

Many of my products contains a little surprise in the box that's not displayed as miniatures at the shop.

Either an accessory for the avatar or an extra piece of furniture I strive to add something extra to whatever you get, (although it's not always the case).

In the case of the picture you'll get the Draeguer suit, a high altitude pressure suit that was used by the pilots of the Horten prototype.

Happy Saturday!
Product update: Arcadia's Collars

Thanks to Lotek, a lot of patience and testing I proudly present an updated version of the collars I've for you at the store, they have an RLV bug fix that was haunting them for ever.

If you're owner of a collar, you can save your setup and use the configuration notecard on your new collar, that should be all you have to do. (You also can configure everything from scratch too but that's not really necessary).

In the box you will find all the textures, the collars and also the unscripted version of the collar in several colours for whom likes to use them as fashion accessory.

You can find my collars at the main shop ( ), first floor (or second for you that counts the base floor as first =P ).
Did you know?

I've two versions of the Stratoracer: the Mk.1 (left) is an older version, with less detail but it works properly on Bullet Sim. The Mk.2 (right) has more details, an automatic undercarriage and more functions, it works only on UbODE.


Because I wasn't able to replicate the smoothness of movement in BulletSim. So most of my newest vehicles are scripted only to work on ubODE.

That being said, you can try both at the runway at the Shop. =)

Happy Thursday!
Did you know?

The Lunar Roving Vehicle I offer at the shop is based on the Apollo XV mission, the first one that used the vehicle.

To make it as accurate as possible I found the original Boeing manual for the thing and copied it as best as I could, each Apollo mission had a slightly different LRV, particularly the tools it carried, this one was the simplest one so to save geometry and make it as light as possible I choose the very first one that went to the moon.

You can try it at the runway or just get your copy, it's easy to drive as it doesn't have gears, just sit and drive!

Have a great Wednesday!
Did you know?

The bridges installed next to the shops are the very last pure prim builds I've ever did.

These relics of the past are still available on the shop, and I personally still use the bridge's columns for other purposes. This clearly demonstrates that prims have it's place in the metaverse along with mesh.

So give a hug to the nearest plywood cube =)

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

On the beach you can find a huge and mysterious structure, it's a portal.

Originally it sent you to a sim in HG that had portals to every single grid known to man but alas, that place is no more no now it will teleport you to the travel centre in Wright Plaza to quench your hypergrid thirst.

To activate the gate you actually need to step on it, otherwise it'll remain dormant.

Mysterious indeed, happy Sunday!
Did you know?

There's a second store at the Arcadia Shop's region. It's a store focused in clothes for female standard avatars. But each product contains the textures used for the product you get, so it can be used also in BOM mesh avatars.

The store's name is White Lies, by White Aardvark. If you go and take a look you can click on the mannequins to see a preview of each product in action on an NPC that will model whatever you click for you =)

Have a nice Saturday!
Product update: Rattan Set.

Thanks to Lotek who helped me to find and squash a weird bug in the script of the rattan set table, (it used to "say" the options you clicked, very strange), now it works properly.

Also I added a table cloth when you select the "Flower" option.

Also I converted it from PMAC to SFPoser.

The Rattan Set is better than ever, you can pick the upgraded copy at the main shop =)
Did you know?

Most of the terrain around Arcadia Shop is... sand! I love beaches and water so I tried hard to give you the feeling of a nostalgic summer around the main buildings.

Hidden around the sim you can find three beaches where you can relax on the warm sand or sit on a bench and take in the calm effect of the waves on calm summer day.

You should try the floaties too, sit and click to see what can you do with them =)

Beaches FTW!
Did you know?

When you enter the shop, at your right there's a door that will take you to a changing room, this is a small, comfy area, away from other's eyes where you can try attachements and clothes on your avatar, or just sit and hangout with your friends.

Also it's the only place on the sim where you can rez stuff, albeit it has an auto-return of two minutes, but I think that's enough to unbox stuff.

Happy changing! =)
Deep down? We're all Ruth.

This is something I've seen very very frequently at the shop, here comes a new visitor: her avatar is simply gorgeous, latest mesh body and outfit with a stunning result but... she's sunk into the ground to the ankles.


Well, because in spite what you see is a mesh avatar, below it there's a regular good ol' ruth.

And she's barefoot.

That means the height of that mesh avatar is calculated from a flat feet standard avatar, regardless it shape, and thus, if you wear anything that's not a flat feet shoes, it will go underground.

How to solve it.

Open your inventory, right click somewhere (for example right click on the folder "Clothing") and then select New Clothes->New Shoes.
Then rename those new shoes and wear them.
Then edit your outfit, navigate to your new shoes and edit them, here comes the magic:
Use "Heel Height" and "Platform Height" sliders to move your avatar up until it's over the ground, cam around to check that you don't end actually hovering over it.
Then save the shoes and that's it!

I've noticed that mesh shoes/avatars won't come with layer shoes that regulate your hovering and the Firestorm option to change hover is only local, that means only you'll see the correct offset over the ground.
The only way for your new and shiny avatar to show correctly is either adjust the shoes or the hover option of your shape and the shoes are the easiest way.

So now you know, you don't need to be underground, showing off your new shoes is just two clicks away!

BTW, if you feel ultra lazy and don't want to do any of the above you could get the shoes at my shop, they come with layer shoes to offset your height to the proper level =)

Have a nice day.-
Did you know?

There's a tower at the South East part of the sim, it's heavily inspired in one of the show stands of the New York's World's Fair of 1964.

This is a relax place for you, where you can have something to drink, eat and sit down.

The roof of the tower is a mini disco that's enabled when I stream my mix sessions and if you climb down the stairs you'll find a beach to suntan.

You can go to the tower using the teleporters (look at my previous article about them) or by rezzing a demo vehicle at the runway.

Of course, the tower itself is available to take at the shop =)
Did you know?

You can test all the vehicles I've made at the shop: go through the door at the left labeled "Runway".

You will see all the rezzers for all the vehicles I've made, you can fly, or ride them all, but here's a catch: if you manage to smack your test vehicle against a sim border it will disappear and you'll probably end underwater lol.

So test your skills flying under bridges or try to ride a pennyfarther on unpaved terrain and have fun!
Did you know?

ArcadiaShop is more than a shop, I tried to make it a place where you could chill and relax from all the grid hopping and box grabbing.

As such, it has several points of interests for whom likes to explore, however you can move from point to point very easily using the teleporter!

There're several teleporters in disguise all around the sim, just sit on it, select where do you want to go and press Teleport!

Easy! ... if you know where to click =D

Did you know?

Arcadia Shop's building is a relic of the past, it was my first building in SL and I never used it there. In time it was a bit modernized with mesh floors but it's using the original textures I made for it (mostly fine marbles and noble woods).

It's floors represent the progression from earth to heaven, the base floor have thick windows frames and on the floor there's a compass: it's earth; the ceiling is a starry night the passage to the sky.

The first floor has bigger windows, thinner frames, it's all blue: it's sky and on the ceiling there's an angel (I draw that in gimp long ago), the passage to heaven.

The third floor is paradise, there's no walls and no limits, everything is golden and white and instead of having stuff to get, there's a place to sit and chill while admiring the view around, welcome to heaven =)
New Release: Arcadia's Ceiling Fans

Summer is coming! (well for you on the northern hemisphere anyway)
Is your house ready for the scorching heat and the sunny days?
This time I present to you a set of three different ceiling fans for your home, they feature lights too!
Come get yours before the sun melts your room!

You can get my latest creation at my main shop or the Arcadia Shop store at Wright Plaza.

Have a great day!