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Nude Beach Bums
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A quiet, relaxing adult beach to hangout, dance and mingle. Nude is encouraged although swimwear is acceptable for the shy ones. Street clothes must be removed before leaving the landing area. Come relax and meet people that like a carefree style of living. Have a shower in the waterfall. Sip on ...
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AviWorlds Events
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A place we have music
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Well, Aviworld's event center has a shopping for Mall. Also, I went and brought you my item that I created in SL with the script I had done. When people land, they will get a welcome that you can change the wording on, and any song you like to play, drop in and see, it is at landing. It is mesh!
It's been a while, so I thought I would pop in and say a few words. Newcomers, oldcomers, or whatever it may be,

I just did some cleaning and opened up some nice spots next to the water—great places to set up home—and our full SIM is still running at 10 US monthly. If you're looking for a spot, we can help you.

If you cannot find a staff member, send us a note or note card; we check regularly.

Have a great day, and happy Mother's Day to all you moms! 
Hello everyone, Are you looking for a new start or just a new place close to the water? Summer is always a great time to be on a beach, all relaxed and enjoying cold drinks. Well, here in AVIWORLDS, we have some great spots by the water. Come get one while they last. You are welcome to go around; if you see one of these  just contact one of our mentors, and we will be happy to help you. If you cannot find a sign, contact us. Have a happy Monday, everyone!

THE NPC Have arrived for the holiday again. Stop in the center pick them up while they last

Welcome Winter! Hello to everyone and to all newcomers. AVIWORLDS provides an event center where anyone can come and play their music! Also, if you haven't been here in a while, the winter park is open with ice skating, romantic dancing, and a little country music, among other things; come take a look, stay awhile, and join the group for all of our events! Remember to keep AVIWORLDS in mind!
We appreciate you all.

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴5:00p ∵∴ ❈ ROGUE GALAXY
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» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴5:00p ∵∴ ❈ ROGUE GALAXY
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