Projects » Tram/train with keyframe smooth motion

1. Put the script on a prim and sit on it.

2. Create a notecard 'route' with the points to route as follows:
format: | Delay (seconds ) to wait in the station | Message when reaching the station
if delay is not given for a point, the train will not stop there.
Example notecard:

<548.75177, 436.00000, 20.58994> | 20 | Central Station. This is a terminal station. Please get off the train.
<548.74750, 523.63678, 20.58994>
<281.04987, 645.59564, 20.58994>
<221.86533, 577.45013, 20.58994> | 20 | Airport
<119.64250, 280.28827, 20.58994>
<119.64250, 171.48422, 20.58994> | 20 | Slums. This is a terminal station. Please get off the train.

3. Sit on the train, click and select "Reset". The train will go back and forth forever. Click for pause/continue and reset menu

Creator: opensimworld
Last Update: 2 years ago
Project Category: Vehicles


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aztec8888 2 years ago
I also sent you this in a message. Your script works perfectly. Except my tram flips backwards and sideways when it goes up the mountain. How do I stop the rotation?