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Read instructions carefully: This item is offered as-is, no support will be given. If you break it, you get to keep all the tiny pieces. Code updated March 5, 2020.

This script is ideal for REGION OPERATORS (not tenants or renters) who run ADULT sims and wish to eradicate griefers dressed as children. There are 2 options for ejection: "eject" from parcel OR "tphome". The TP Home option is the better choice as it is more effective against hypergrid visitors. Moreover, IF the "tphome" option fails, it will kick the user offline (requiring them to relog in) with a message you specify. Unfortunately, this scanner will affect some adult avatars (and tinies) who are at 1.6m or shorter and/or wearing an attachment which uses a bad word that you specify in your configuration cards, so you could also use this to deny access to animals. For this reason, I have not supplied data to place into your configurations as each operator will have their own requirements.

OSSL is required, Ensure osKickAvatar is set to ESTATE_OWNER, ESTATE_MANAGER in /bin/config-include/osslEnable.ini or you will get script error.

You will need 4 notecards for scanning. Each avatar will be scanned based on data you put into these notecards and will eject based on your rules. Create a prim with these cards then create a new script inside that prim. Copy the contents of ChildGate.lsl into the new script then configure it to your liking in the TOP fields. The names of the notecards are as follows, Note the upper and lower CaSe letters:

CreatorList - items made by creator of child attachments (one per line)
AttachmentList - attachment names which are not permitted (one per line)
BadWords - scans avatar for these key words (one per line)
HeightLimit - Overrides the default setting of "1.6" in the script (The shortest female Ruth can be made using appearance sliders)

It is not necessary to have content in the notecards at first, over time you will discover creators, attachment names and bad words to scan for. If your region is group owned... you will need to deed "child gate" to that group in order for it to function.

See it in action @ Ozone or Othello on OS grid. This handy gem keeps my simulators CHILD FREE!

This script is based on FREE code I found in SL years ago and has been converted to OSSL. Enjoy.

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