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Honey's Fun Creations Shopping Mall.... tobacco, Party Time, homes, birthdays, hula hoops, balloons, birthdays...weddings, jewels, bathrooms, showers, bath, kitchen, fun furniture, office, meeting room, dining rooms, planters, houses, tree houses, fun homes, living rooms, balloons, flowers, plants, teddy, tropical outside furniture ....decorations and more
Feel free to visit ... The teleporters boards and pads will help you to find the best places and rides....

The " Black Angels " scary freebies shop is now on Eden Travels region....
Easy to find with the various teleporters that you will find at the landing...

and... one new ride for the fun.... for speed try the orange snake car .... ;-)

LeonitasLionheart: YESSSSSSSSSSSS....SSSSSSSSSS....i soooo need thisssssss in my life! 2 months ago

Hello... The region is back.... with more fun rides, and more to shop...
I didn't change all the LM in all the boxes yet so just delete the old LM....

always more for you in Fun Shopping Mall..... select " Fun Shopping " on the teleporter board......

little castle, fun castle, stone houses, modern houses, tree houses, forest houses, tropical houses, mushrooms, fantasia, giant, country, crazy..... homes... some have furniture, or tubs ... some have hidden room or tp .... I have almost filled my 2 shops there... select location : " Fun Shopping " on the teleporter

Get ready for a hot summer.... New creations in the "Fun Furniture " shop... location : Fun Shopping Mall on the region teleporter.....

One more shop is ready... You will find many free jewels and free wedding rings ... select FUN SHOPPING on the region teleporter menu....

No comment ... I just have pity of that poor old guy who was selling rides tickets here ;-(
But rats are very nice animals.... They really love cuddles.... I have 2 at home ;-)

Take a scary tour in the Crazy Sea boats.... Select the "fast Visit" ride boat if you do not have much time, but you will not see all.... "Full Visit " ride does not go fast and you will see the zombies side too.
Well I think that the Easter eggs and other creations will need to wait for a bit... I came to the mall to add things in the Party Time shop, chocolates, drinks and more ... but I started to build new new things... omg I can never stop building new things so I always have more and more to add in my shops.... Just be patient... I am still putting the old stuff too ... but very very slowly... I sort of hate putting hundred boxes in place ... lol

free dressings and other furniture and decorations... more to come soon

last level ( use the telepad to go there )

Goldenmoon: Do not forget the sounds settings or you will miss all the fun..... hundred per cent home made ride... so be ready for something absolutely crazy... omg avoid to take your lover there lmao ;-) 4 months ago

select Mountains rides ....

Goldenmoon: This is quite fun.... I had the idea few days ago and well I managed to build it.... but avoid that ride if you dont want to vomit .... ahah ah .... 4 months ago

select Crazy Sea on the region teleporter

Goldenmoon: This spot is set on a very large part of the var region.... You will find 2 boats.... those are 2 rides.... just do not forget the sound settings and well make sure that you have plenty of time for th... 4 months ago

Have a big breath to use this ride.... some giant monkeys are standing very close ;-)

feel free to visit ... the frogs part will follow ;-)

The Mall is built but all the shops are not ready yet.... Feel free to visit ... I will add more step by step

teleport to Fun shopping

Select Fun Shopping

near the tower....

in the tower Eden Sea Tower rides

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LeonitasLionheart Really smooth rides, no lag. Golden is a wonderful person and very nice! Opensim needs more people like this. Thanks for the tour and hope you enjoyed the preview of my own amusement park in construction. :) Merci beaucoup!
RonaldDolittle fun shopping mall with different freebies and really good rides, thanks
MandyS fantastic rides and work.... will come back soon

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