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Raven's Peak
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Raven's Peak shopping and entertainment district. Everyone is welcome to this region and we recommend popping over regularly as we are updating stores daily with new items.


It's Friday night and we're declaring it the weekend!! DJ Mike has turned on his stream at The Ravo - Just behind the landing at Nysa - and we are ready to party all night long! So don't feel bored, come on over and hang with some fun people for a night of laughter, fun, dancing and awesome tunes! Oh, and don't forget, DJ Mike hands out pre-release gifts at half time so you need to be here to get them ahead of everyone else! Everyone is welcome, lets party!!

Mike & Zoey ♥

If you like what we're doing at Raven's Peak, please ensure you pop on over regularly for new items in stores every day!

Mike & Zoey ♥

Perfect for the landscaper who is dealing with plenty of ups and downs and a path just won't work or for someone wishing to create their own Garden of Babylon xD

Remember, if you like what we're doing, please pop on over regularly for new items in stores daily!

Mike & Zoey ♥

AnaKathy: Ich muss euch unbedingt besuchen kommen ♥ 9 days ago
It's been a while coming, however we have 6 brand new dance packs for you at our Sinful Studio's store as well as some new couples HUD's for dancing and simply standing around.

If you like what we're doing, please pop on over to check out what's new in our stores today!

Mike & Zoey ♥
New items in our Fantasy Landscaping store today! I have been busy mastering colourful mushroom trees xD Each tree has its own colour HUD packed with 30 textures so you can colour change the trunks, caps and tendril's on the mushrooms. They also have a slight glow to light up the night, however they are modify so you can make them glow a whole lot more if you want!

So pop on over to Raven's Peak and if you like what we're doing, keep coming back regularly to see new items in stores daily!

Mike & Zoey ♥
Valentines Day is fast approaching and we can feel the love in the air already! We will be putting together some Valentines Day packs for you all and we started with this cute little set that is now available at the Knick Knack Shop at Raven's Peak. If you like what we're doing, pop on over for more new items in stores every day!

Mike & Zoey ♥
Just in time for Valentines Day, we have just released a beautiful heart shaped pier set! There are 4 pieces in the set: Heart & Square with and without pillars so you can use them in the water or as a patio in your backyard.

If you like what we're doing, pop on over and see all the new items in stores every day!

Mike & Zoey ♥

2 new complete sets for the avid grid builder or gardener alike! If you like what we're doing, please pop on over because we have more awesome things coming to you daily!

Mike & Zoey ♥

We have four new ruin style buildings & structures in store now. The cathedral is very big so please ensure you have room for that one when putting it out xD

We have many items going into store this weekend, not all are being advertised here so if you like what we're doing, do pop on over and check out all the new stuff!

Mike & Zoey ♥

Darci Viper: Darn You !!, You Guys are determined to make my inventory over spill ... LOL ;D hahahaahh 29 days ago
New items now in the Fantasy Store. A set of 18 Basalt Crystal Columns in various arrangements and singles. They are very large when you rez them out however can be resized if necessary.

Mike & Zoey ♥
Two beautiful fat packs for you newly released at the Knick Knack Shop. For those who enjoy a little rustic mess around the home or kitchen, I have the perfect flower pack. You can put out the whole thing with a rug, or just bits of it here and there. The other set is a garden lantern set. You can put them out with the post or just hang the lantern on your porch. This will add a lovely warm glow to any home or garden.

Mike & Zoey ♥
Plenty of new releases coming right at you this weekend from Nysa! We're starting with our landscaping store with some new release bush sets WITH TEXTURE HUD's!! Yes, I'm very excited because I've just learned how to do them. Bring on a new colourful world!! xD

Mike & Zoey ♥
We have some brand new items in the Fantasy Landscaping store now for those building fantasy or cyber sims. I think these would look amazing because they are lit up, glowy and one is even scripted for a little movement. Pop on over, everyone is welcome and if you like what we're doing, keep coming back because the shops are being added to every week!

Mike & Zoey
Announcing the opening of our Knick Knack Shop!

This will be a growing collection of all sorts of treasures to have in your home to help give it your special touch. We will be adding to this collection weekly so if you like what we're doing, keep popping in for more!

Mike & Zoey ♥

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CyberGlo CyberStar This amazing place is a must visit spot in the metaverse. The design and construction of the buildings where the stores are located is original and clever. I love the circular-multilevel design as it makes things easier to find. The shopping is varied and trendy, with some never before seen in-wo...

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Very beautiful and friendly. :)
superbe!!! Vous avez bien travaillé.