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Portland Share is a virtual recreation of downtown Pioneer Courthouse Square (in Oregon USA), aka Portland's Living Room, with furniture, art, and PT Designs fashions created by Pasha Theas and Andron Rae.

All in-store items free to copy for all grids with no group required.

Pasha has since passed and will not respond to IMs or Notecards. Should you have problems with obtaining or fitting any items, please message Andron Rae here in OSW, twitter or discord @ Andron827 in lieu of leaving an unfavorable review here or IMs Neverworld Grid. My messages frequently get capped or are undelivered due to the nature of OpenSim.

PT Designs mesh fashions are original works and styles under exclusive special license from Second Life creators, please do not resell, repost or change creator names or permissions.

If your grid or avatar has become blocked or banned by Neverworld, I am sorry we have no control over this and cannot help you. Please message Govega Sachertorte, the grid owner, for assistance.

Thank you for visiting!


Information about Caribougrid follows:

Caribou, in existence over 15 years since early Second Life times, prides itself on being a friendly and safe haven for consenting 18+ adults. We welcome region builders, creators, managers, DJs, hosts/hostesses, and event managers to join in creating our unique and secure world.

Caribou embraces an open-minded, LGBTQ+ friendly approach, providing a safe, inclusive environment for people of many languages and cultural diversity. We have over 100 safe and aesthetically pleasing sims featuring the gamut of soft romantic to harder BDSM animations. The grid provides shops, free homes, islands, and second homes for grid avatars and regulars, with a welcoming policy for all grids. Privacy is respected, and no special groups are needed to attend our events or visit our public lands. Any inquiries can be directed to Jeanne Lefavre or Andron Rae in world.

Additional Information on ownership, contacts, and principles can be found on www.caribougrid.com, including the terms of service and some blog articles. For any concerns about unauthorized use of items, residents are encouraged to contact us directly, so that we may action any issues accordingly.

The grid is hosted by Masala Estates, represented by Unadecal Masala of OSgrid.

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