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A sociologist named Weber once said that we live in a disenchanted world.
We believe in few things and they are often material.
Once we enter the world of adults we realize that the world that was described to us when we were little, doesn't actually exist.
There are no dragons, fairies, enchanted forests, princes, princesses, and adventures to live…
We suddenly discover that we have lived with so many lies in our heads for years.
The enchanted, beautiful world we believed in doesn't exist..
And what’s the only thing that can save us from this sad reality? Fantasy!
Fantasy is a genre that allows us to reconnect with our deepest self, with our dreams, with our desires.
It allows us to experience wonderful adventures in enchanted places.
In fantasy, we are transported by a flow that cradles us to the depths of our mind, where our enchanted part lives.
How many times have we thought: "I wish I could live in that magical place, so different from my reality"?
And who wouldn't want to do so?
Luckily there is fantasy, luckily there is a bit of enchantment in this disenchanted world.
I think it's important to free our creativity, our imagination, because that’s what makes us feel alive and human.
Imagination and fantasy,
an indissoluble combination that I adore.

I let you enter my world, which I advise you to look at under the moonlight.
Let your mind go, it will be grateful!
Have a great trip!

𐐪𐑂..New small area dedicated to shopping Fantasy..𐐪𐑂


Thomas Etzel: very nicely made 3 months ago

♥ You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water ♥

Adry: basta volare XD 3 months ago

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CyberGlo CyberStar FULL FIVE STARS. MORE FAIRIES THAN ANYWHERE ELSE! A beautiful fantasy sim, very well done. Great shopping area with gnomes, goblins, fairies, pixies, elves, and much much more. A must see for the fantasy lovers out there!
Bebe Love this place is all about Good Magic Ty so much

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Grazie....banni le persone senza un motivo. Che accoglienza!!!!!
Ciao Salvatore, personalmente non ho bannato ne te ne nessun altro. Non sono responsabile delle decisioni che prende chi mi amministra e amministra la grid da dove provengo ma deduco che se ha preso una decisione del genere qualcosa sia successo ma non so dirti cosa dato che non sono stata informata a riguardo. Ho lasciato un like su Orsea tempo fa perchè l'ho trovata ben fatta e curata non avrebbe avuto senso bannarti o bannarvi (senza neanche conoscerti/vi) dopo essere entrata a visitare la tua sim ed avendo espresso un apprezzamento non trovi? Buona giornata
Bellissima land molto particolare.....un mondo fatato....