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Opengrid World is proud to be an independent region. Best appreciated from the ground!. A place to relax and enjoy!

A nostalgic sim (5x5 regions) with lots of greenery, forests, parks, swamps and beaches best appreciated from the ground. The shopping area has all the old favourites including Athena, Athena Petite, Decadence, Hair for male and female, For Men shop, Adult Store, Arcadia, Paramount, Selea Core, Ruth2, Roth2, stuff for Tinies and Synclair Designs women's clothing (exclusive to Opengrid World).

Please be nice to others you meet on the Grid, we are all here to enjoy ourselves so please be tolorant of others. Opengrid World does not descriminate on grounds of race, gender or gender orientation.

Tinies and furries are welcome. No child avatars, please.

Key words: Hair, Avatars, Ruth2, Roth2, Athena Petite, Decadence, Clothing, Selea Core, For Men, freebies, explore, nature, beach, forest, greenery, farm, coast, ruins


Jerralyn Franzic: Bye, nice knowing you Zoe... 11 days ago
Opengrid World is proud to be an independent region.

Hi Everyone, just a reminder that Opengrid World (Formerly Uzuri Virtual) will be closing permanently on Sunday 26th October 2023. The project is now at an end, so if you want to have a last look and maybe pick up some stuff before it's gone, now is your chance. The server will be turned off on that date (probably early on that date, as the data centre are usually very punctual).

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported and helped over the ... what is it ... 5 years? and, of course, all visitors.

Bye and take care!


Jupiter Rowland: I can only second this. Go visit this place before it shuts down, especially the five shops at the centre of the mall. Some items are hardly available anywhere else, some are only available here and a... 22 days ago
Opengrid World is proud to be an independent region. The Uzuri Project is now at an end. We will be closing permanently on 26th November 2023. Thank you for your support over the years. Goodbye and Best Wishes.

Mistressdalgato: That's a shame, I remember your clutterfly region was very well done, gonna miss that. what are your plans for the oars? 1 month ago

New Home for Clutterfly Warehouse!
For those who prefer legacy avatars, I have recovered the Clutterfly Warehouse from Uzuri. It is now in Opengrid World Shopping Centre.

Jupiter Rowland: Always nice to have another Clutterfly backup. And by the way, some mesh bodies can wear some of the Clutterfly clothes pretty well. For Ruth2 v4, I recommend the circle skirt, the straight miniskirt,... 2 months ago

New for September. FULL AVATAR. Ruth2 and Athena versions available inworld at Synclair Designs.

My Opengridworld Home. Who said we can't have a fabulous home in beautiful surroundings on Opensim?

Don't worry, this isn't going to be a habit (3rd post in a week) but I thought you might like to know that I've released August's offerings early.
Two Outfits; Jacket, Dress, Corset and Sneaker Boots - Brown and Blue&Red.
What's New on Opengrid World?

As you may know, Opengrid World is the new name for Bernicia Prime. But it has changed!

I've tried to keep most of the good stuff where possible but thought it was time for a bit of a change. I've made more use of the centre of the sim (where the old town was) and turned it into a park and maze. I've also added a small Satyr Farm.

The Quick Shopping area has been given a good makeover with new layout and shops. I've added more Ruth2 and Roth2 stuff that I haven't seen anywhere else on Opensim. A new store called "Odds and Ends", which has lots of goodies from Arcadia (pirate buindings) and Paramour (dance balls etc.) and also goodies for Tinies. The old favourites are all still there - Selea Core, Athena, Athena Petite, Decadence, For Men, Synclair Designs (I must get around to making more for that store), Adult Store etc.

As always, everything is free.

FallenAngel Absent: Very nicely designed sim!!!!! In the store perhaps still pay attention to offer only things that are in the content also copy. Could some unfortunately not take. 5 months ago

After software updates, we are back!

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humhum ... C'est romantique on se croit sur SL en 2010. Sinon ... à titre personnel je n'aime pas les grandes sims. Donc je ne m'y suis pas plus attardée que cela. Bonne continuation
Merci de votre visite Céleste
nice region wel done