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Shopping 2
Eine Menge zum Einpacken.
Wohnhäuser , Gewerbehäuser , Schminke , Frauen Kleidung , Wohn Decko , Statue , Pussy , Deco Draussen , Frauen Körper , Frauen Tattoo , Spiele , Schuhe , Schmuck , Tänze , Frauen Haare , Aos , Schwänze , Männer Körper , Frauen Köpfe , Finger Nägel , Männer Köpfe , Oster Deco , Cyber Items , Cyber Köpfe and RP Kleidung
My grid my rules

wir ziehn auf schnelleren Server. Server ist aus bis 0 Uhr
we're moving to a faster server. Server is off until midnight

I'm assumed I make money with my Sims. That's not true!
How do I earn that?
with money that every guest gets for free?
With money that I give my users as pocket money?
So I earn with money what I give away?
The one paying here is me for servers etc

mir wird Unterstellt ich mache Geld mit meinen Sims.Das Stimmt nicht !
Mit was verdiene ich den ?
mit Geld was jeder Gast Umsonst bekommt ?
Mit Geld was ich meinen Usern als Taschengeld gebe ?
Also ich verdiene mit Geld was ich verschenke ?
Der der hier zahlt bin ich für Server usw
No more Ks for shopping?
Sign up with us:
Then you get
500Ks every week
You can have 4000 square meters for free to live in
Great sim prices
256 x 256 M with 7500 prims 2.50 euros per month
256 x 256 M with 15000 prims 5.00 euros per month
512 x 512 M with 30000 prims 10.00 euros per month
Prime bonus
per 15000 prims 5.00 euros per month
Payable in advance (No Refund)

Payable with : PayPal, Paysafe, Skrill or bank transfer

with Linden surcharge 50 %

Kein Ks mehr zum Einkaufen ?
Melde Dich bei uns an :
Dann bekommst Du
500 Ks jede Woche
Du kannst 4000 Qm Umsonst zum Wohnen haben
Super Sim Preise
256 x 256 M mit 7500 Prims 2,50 Euro Monat
256 x 256 M mit 15000 Prims 5.00 Euro Monat
512 x 512 M mit 30000 Prims 10.00 Euro Monat
Prim Bonus
je 15000 Prims 5.00 Euro Monat
Zahlbar im Voraus (Keine Erstattung)

Zahlbar mit : Paypal,Paysafe,Skrill oder Banküberweisung

mit Linden Aufschlag 50 %

the last for Sim 2 ,we Start Sim 3 to Shoping

Sunday Shopping News

Kids Room Sale

La Cittadella Di Rachel: Alles sehr schön 9 days ago

Orient Sale
We have Lot of Orient Houses

Mystery Shopping

I Say Only........Shopping

Time for New

** New **
Nice to Shop

you want a Boat or Yacht


Hänsel und Gretel verliefen sich..........

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Victor DeAngelo This sim and those adjoining it are a total rip off. The owner is selling items that I have either created or provided for free on my sims. I am now in the process of contacting the owner of while encouraging all who come here to come to my Free Life Grid to get the items lifted f...
Debra Ann Congi Nice sim. Thank you.

Region Comments

I posted this review in Onelife Shopping 4 . I think it is of use to post it here as well. I landed and found myself in amongst endless houses. There were no signs to direct me. So had no idea where I was nor where I could go. Someone contacted me by IM and started yelling at me in Caps in broken English. I asked if they could direct me to the stores as there are no signs. They raved and I said I didn't understand the message. Then I got a message saying no Whining. No idea what is going on there. I asked the entity where the shops were but they continued to shriek at me so I left, and they still continued to yell in Caps. That is my experience there. About on par with my experience with "Kristina". How someone gets by with this type of behaviour is beyond me. Blackball is a word that comes to mind, and everyone who has a similar experience should post a review. Also, if Frank De Angelo who has been here forever and has a sterling reputation, has only bad things to say about this place and this little tin dictator/ phantom serial abuser of visitors to his little virtual hovel, then I think all should take pause to consider what Frank De Angelo says.
Don't bother with this region, owner is rude and ejects you for being in fly mode, I think it is a pathetic excuse to kick someone out, when I confronted him he said "my sim my rules"
I had fly out on all sims and whoever thinks he has to fly anyway goes.
Ich habed auf allen Sims fliegen aus und wer meint er müste trotzdem fliegen der geht
I didn't even realize i was in fly mode and instead of asking me nicely to change it you kicked me out without warning. Not very welcoming or friendly?
Do not buy from this sim. The owner stole items i either created or make available for free on my Free Life Grid. This sim is nothing more than the typical example of greedy people who come to OpenSim thinking that they can rip us off while doing absolutely nothing to create anything of value that we share freely in an opensource environment.
Very nice stuffs, thank you. :)