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Lionbeach was never away but not listed for a longer time.
Are you shy, dont want to be surrounded by a crowd of people and dont feel comfy? Social phobia ? Perhaps this is the right place for you. Dance among a lot of funny artificial generated characters (Sky Tower) or the more sophisticated Club Tigerbeach. This sim will also be used for future live singer events. Have fun exploring.

ps..the hydrant is scripted.. click on it and a waterfontaine spreads out

LeonitasLionheart: Let's just hope nobody names their fountain "R. Kelly" ;) 10 days ago

Summer will be hot and it's always good to have your own fire hydrant. This is the last NPC novelty for now. If you are further interested, please let me know.

Kylie Brimmer: i cannot get this one as it said "This item doesn't appear to be for sale" 10 days ago

MEEP MEEP... next one is ready to go.. The Road Runner !!!

The wildest animal drummer in history!! New created NPC out of Froggies costumes

CyberGlo CyberStar: hhahaha! i love it. so funny! :D I laughed my butt off...! hehehee There it is ---> (__.__) 12 days ago

If you don't get hungry... that's Thaddius Taco... looks good in every dance club and annoys every vegetarian!!

LeonitasLionheart: He looks like he's fixin' to make a run for the border... 12 days ago
I promised a longer time ago to create more characters out of Froggy Ponds costumes. The first 3 new ones are ready! Voila may I introduce you to Gary Goatee, Larry Lobster and Lucky Ducky? If you are interested you can grab them on Lionbeach,next to the landing point.. Happy weekend all!!!

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