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Caribou will be a huge 64 SIM adult playground and party site for those of us between 18 and 100+. New, younger and more exciting. Cuddles, responsible bdsm, dancing, also sexual content, adult loving. Lots of sites and animations being set up. Now even the 'Old Caribou' is here and we work on it.

Parties Mondays and Thursdays, soon more. Adding new things to see and do every day!

Caribou is always online on a private server in OSgrid. Owners are Jeanne Lefavre and Angelic Ronin, both with a long experience from early Second Life times. Here to support and help.

Caribou OS events will be held on Mondays and Thursdays 12 noon to 2 pm. We plan to add more days. Teleport posters on our landing place.

Always looking for DJs, Hosts/Hostesses, Events Managers and maybe Live Performers. Please be in contact.

Open minded LGBTQ+ female and TG management. Many languages.

We apply EU legislation and our own human rights values.

Nakedness ok, responsible BDSM ok, adult play and cuddles ok. No small sized special child bodies such as tweenster please. Ask Jeanne Lefavre for a decision if in doubt.

Free housing coming later - please ask Jeanne Lefavre or Angelic Ronin. For now you can set home in any property, ask Jeanne och Angelic how.

Our Caribou Zetaworld will now close. Being close to another active party venue just did not work as well as we wished.

Follow us for news. We are excited about our new region arising in OSgrid!

The Stark family opened up their home in Zetaworlds for me. I will always love Mattie, Niki and Manda Stark dearly.

Jeanne Lefavre

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Sing Smith Great place, great region, great grid. I popped in at Caribou and it's coming along nicely. Will be great to chill here more later on.
niki stuart super region in the making with all manner of attractions being built, will be awesome

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