Maze of the Mind Free Houses


Prince Amor
I have no record of you entering. You must be using Firestorm or Singularity to enter Osgrid. My security orb has a record of anyone it has banned, and you are not one of them. There is a height sensor.. if you have too many scripts it will also kick you. If you like message me and we will figure out how to get you there or at least what is wrong with you that it won't let you in!

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Bloody Brilliant! Lots of houses I remember from way back and some I'd never seen before.
Lots of choice of style and size.
Def recommend having a look.
My only problem is that they didn't have a warehouse to put all the stuff in!
Thank you so much, will be back :)

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Bulvar Wolfhunter
Not everyone I was with came from the same grid as me, yet none of us were allowed in to see these 200+ homes.
Maybe you should list which grids are welcome so that people that live in grids not welcomed won't waste their time.

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