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Tropicana Islands is specially designed for the creative spirit and for builders that already know how to put together a nice home. If you can turn these beautifully landscaped islands into a luxury home that fits the theme then we look forward to hearing from you. Generous prim allowances.

Tropicana is a group of tropical and sub tropical islands. We look for long term residents who will participate in the community. If you have homes all over the OSgrid then this is not for you. Land that is unused or not developed will be re-claimed. It is important that you visit the Estate Office on this region or at our main office on Tropicana Sunseekers and take the time to read the rules and FAQ's which can also be found on our website.

We have a small rental office at Tropicana Islands. This is not our main rental office but specific to Tropicana Islands. Just claim your land plot then contact us by using the chat support line at:

Tropicana is an adult region. No child avatars please.

For details of land available on this region please visit:

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Note: Full details of our rental terms:

Also available on the website in the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Italian.

Large Island plots in a tropical region. These island plots are offered to OSgrid members and accomplished builders who want to own land and who will use it frequently. Enjoy.

Paula: Excellent opportunity for OSgrid members to set up home and build in a well run region. I love Tropicana! Thanks Mike!!! 10 months ago

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BiaFiredemo Muito bom tenho uma casa lah!

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Preciosa region de Tropicana donde disfrutar y estar con amigos y...para perderte¡
Preciosa región de islas y una de ellas fué donde nací en Tropicana. Muy feliz decorando la isla ... ☺
Muito bom tenho uma casa nessa região!