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Welcome to Metropolis, The City. Part of the Tropicana group of friends, the city has its hidden secrets. Featuring a Red Light District, Slum area, main city centre and a bit of something for everyone.

Chill out and relax by the beach and visit Le Metro, the Gentlemans Club. The down town city area with its high rise blocks and shopping precinct are very detailed with plenty to see. The Metropolis region has an extensive road network linking it to the main hub of Tropicana. Why not take one of the rental vehicles or rez your own and drive around our regions.

At Metropolis you will find plenty to see and do. We have a Greedy Games area, an arcade and a horse riding area through scenic woodland. There is also a large oil rig for you to explore.

Thanks for visiting Metropolis.

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Adult, Red Light, District, Urban, city, slums, gentlemens club, beach, Tropicana, vehicles, auto, driving, self drive, oil rig, pub, bakery, games, skyscrapers, supermarket, gas station, fast food, church, mine, hospital, cinema, harbour,

Ferry tours and a bus ride at Metropolis. Stop by the Metro Diner for a hamburger!

Explore the commercial district at Tropicana Metropolis

Paula: Touring the Tropicana region gets more interesting every day, thanks to your persistent attention to detail. For me, a recent visit to Metropolis offered pleasant surprises in a very realistic enviro... 8 months ago

The city centre are at the Pallasades

The High Street area at the Pallasades

The Pallasades. Central Shopping District at Metropolis.

The city at Metropolis expands. Overlooking the reservoir with the city beyond.

The Tropicana Self Service Auto Rentals is located at the main entry road to Metropolis City. Use the teleport system or head out of town and you will find it.

Oil exploration rig in the sea at Metropolis.

With its realistic buildings and long avenues and drive routes this 10 x 10 mega region is full of surprises. Pick up a car from the Auto Rentals Office.

The Everglades is a private residential area with luxury housing and generous prim allowances. The ideal place to set up home.

Metropolis really is a driving paradise. Scenic roads and stop off points along with private residences and a city. Pick up a car from the Auto Rentals Office.

Dockside at Metropolis this huge 10 x 10 driving and sailing region with luxury accommodation.

Move into the city before Christmas. Furnished apartments now available.

Individually decorated apartments. For those that hate building and decorating and want an easy life. Each apartment has everything you need to "set home" and enjoy. Additional prims allocated for personal touches. Enjoy!

Nay Kell's Kupra / Cury store.

Nay Kell's new shop ~ Elegance at The City

Nay Kell's new shop ~ Elegance at The City

The Promenade

OpenSimUser: I have to say that this is by far one of the nicest regions i have seen in opensim in awhile. Keep up the great work sir. 1 years ago

The Apartments. Fully furnished and ready to go with a small prim allowance. Ideal if you need a place to "Set Home"

Zoe: Looks great, next step, I go visit your city, smiles. Judjing just for the images I gave you a Like :-) 1 years ago

The Park

The Mine

The Beach and sea front promenade

Supermarket & Cafe

The Red Light District in Slum Avenue

Le Metro Gentleman's Club in the Metro Station

Furnished and unfurnished accommodation for everyone.

Down town Metropolis. Cinema and Fast Food Outlets

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