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R. Lion - Stores
The Best Freebie Store In Opensim - Do not Resell Our Items.
New Items Added Everyday
Feel free to visit.

R. Lion - Stores
New Items *ALERT*
I'm so happy to bring this new items for you all.
Do you sing? Are you a Karaoke's Fan? Love declaiming? Come get this Mic at the Animation Store.
2 new awesome FatPacks we also added at our menswear. And so much more!
Come get it all, and have fun!

Sinje: OMG .....ich liebe es , so schöne Dinge immer wieder ! very very NICE 8 days ago

Some new hairstyles at the Hair salon 2nd. Floor.

R. Lion - Stores
New FatPacks available now at the Menswear Department (The Fashion Alley).
Men Only - Come Get them!

R. Lion - Stores
New FatPacks available now at the Menswear Department (The Fashion Alley).
Men Only - Come Get them!

R. Lion - Stores *New Items*
We are excited to present you the new Yasmin and Yume skins for Lelutka EvoX heads from C.P. Creative Store! These skins offer an amazing variety of skin tones, a wide range of makeup options and a lot of facial details. There is nothing better than having the freedom to customize your avatar with these amazing skins! Join us to discover the magic of Yasmin and Yume!
Atte: Chloe Parish.

LilianaAubergine: These skins are amazing! Thank you so much! 1 month ago

R. Lion - Stores
New Gifts were added at the Hair salon Store's 1st. Level
In the picture: Quinn Head - Evox - (for men).
HUD for: Beard/Braces/Gems
Come get it!

Jerralyn Franzic: Yipes!!! Looks like it's time to break out some of my beloved male alts soon LOL... thank you Mr Lion! 2 months ago

R. Lion - Stores
New Gifts were added at the Hair salon Store's 1st. Level
In the picture: Raven Head - Evox.
And also Soft links for eBody
Come get them!

River: Oh!Oh! I wanna come visit! Please come back online! 2 months ago

A New "No Gift" For Y'all.
Come get yours!

R. Lion - Stores **NEW ITEMS**
We have added lots of new items these days, including a whole new floor of Odds&End (3rd. floor of decor). Every store/floor has something new waiting for you.
Hints: New Hairs (women&men), women's clothing (Reborn, Legacy&Athena), jewelry, babies decor, houses, landscaping, kitchen area. Too much stuffs, come explore and find your favorites.
R. Lion - Stores.
New Jewelry Area for ladies!
A great-growing selection made by our Karla Ortiz all for you.
Come get your gems =)
Remember we're adding new items every day.

LizRoble: Esta realmente hermosa esta tienda y todo su contenido! Buen gusto y excelente calidad de artículos! Felicitaciones a Karla y Richard por brindarnos lo mejor de lo mejor! No se las pierdan, están prec... 3 months ago

A lot of new stuffs were just added to our stores.
Hairs, Kitchens, LivingRooms, Decor, and more! Come find them.

A Brand New Baby Store at R. Lion.
Brought to you by our own Iria Ponte!
Hope you like her selection for your enjoyment.
Come visit hop://watersplash.outworldz.net:8002/iPleasure/955/61/3502

Harleyjannys: Everything is so cute I almost gave in to my maternity instincts lol, Iria is very sweet and approachable, thank you for this amazing place. 3 months ago
It's the end of a season.
Thank you all for your letters and participation.
We tendered more than 20 letters to Santa. Congrats to those on the 'nice list' that got their gifts.
Santa says: "Goodbye! See you next year! Ho, Ho, Ho"

IriaPonte: The magic of Christmas came this year in a very special way and it is here to stay. Creating, sharing, putting large doses of love in everything that is done are always present in iPleasure. Merry Chr... 3 months ago

R. Lion - Store

We have just added a new kitchen level
with a few new kitchen sets and more to come soon.

For de moment you only can access it from the following:
1- From the landing point.
2- From the updated Teleport HUD (you can get it at the landing point)
3- From the kitchen level 1.

Please note that there won't be no more access point to this level added.

Come get your favorite and have fun!

Carmen Jewel: Thank you, Love these new Kitchens :) 3 months ago
Too many to name them, come visit and get them all.
Areas hint: Hairs, Bedrooms, Sofa, Odd&Decor, SnowRoofs, WinterStore, Landscaping.
Note: Santa told me there was a big amount of letters with the same request: The climbing Santa! It is now available to all. Keep writing your letters.
Merry Christmas to all.
R. Lion

Hugabug: Merry Christmas Richard thank you ! 3 months ago
Today Santa Claus will be responding to your letters. Thank you all of you who wrote a letter. Let's see who gets responses.
Note: The store is open, we just won't share our online status anymore. Since our only goal is to share our content with all of you but not compete in anyway for any place.
Keep writing your letters, every week we will get Santa here to read them all.

Nparker: Amazing gifts tysm, was starting to decorate my home but unfortunately i can not tp to the store now not sure what i am doing wrong :( 4 months ago

New hair!

This season R. Lion brings you the chance to have your Santa's letters responded.
Come and drop your letter with the description of one item you wish to have.
Every week one NC will be selected and fulfilled by Santa himself!
HoHO*cough cough*HO
Be creative! This is your chance.
Happy Holidays!!!

A new awesome umbrella FATPACK was added today, find it on the desk at hairs level 2.
A pack of cool rain was also added, look for it in the landscaping area.
You will LOVE these! Guaranteed.

Ellen: Denied access to private region :( 4 months ago

New houses, new snow roofs and new hair were added. Come get them all

Getting ready for your Thanksgiving dinner?
Come get the new kitchen and the TG's feast.

We have a new "not a gift" item for y'all at our animation's store.
Come, read the NC and get it.

JuliaAmly: Thank You. 5 months ago

I know they're probably all new to you, as the whole store. But still, new houses were added today. Come get them!

Chantinglyric: Amazing sim with truly quality products. Richard Lion the owner is very approachable, I did ask him to marry me . . . coughs, he missed his chance! In all seriousness, a truly incredible sim - the bes... 5 months ago

Female Hairs - The best selection for you @R.Lion
2 levels of excellency. Come get your hair done!

R. Lion Animations.
AO's - Dances - Photo Poses - Bento - Challenges - BackDrops - And More!

The Fashion Alley - Female&Male Fashion.
~Maitreya (Athena) - Kupra (Curvy) - Gianni~ Male Hair&Shoes - And More!

New Winter Store Open Now. New Items will be added soon. Ruuun!

New Skin Store Now Open. Run!

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Arponera Fantastico, 5 stars, congratulations and thanks for sharing it.
Jordan Melody it sure is the BEST freebie store on opensim!!! Best hair, best clothing, the best furniture and so much more.❤️❤️❤️❤️
LizRoble Finalmente todo en su justo lugar! donde debe y como debe ser el lugar de una persona que ama su trabajo y lo expresa en cada creación de cosa o lugar que nos brinda, ese es Richard. El cielo es el limite y no me refiero a el libro. Gracias y mi orgullosa felicitación a mi amigo del alma!!

Region Comments

Congratulations Lion, beautiful land and the objects are beautiful. I recommend everyone to visit.
excelente trabajo, gracias por compartir
This is now my favorite place to shop for furniture, landscaping, and Hair! The hair is fantastic and low complexity with Color & Style huds! Easy to navigate the region and the displays make shopping a breeze. Super grateful for this nugget! Thank you for sharing!!! ♥
Okay, but I need to know where to find those new Lelutka heads... I MUST HAVE the Raven....
They are on level 1 of hairs in the gift boxes on the desk :D
I've seen a lot of shops in Open Sim but what you put up is absolutely amazing. Everything clearly arranged. The selection of everything is very good. For me one of the best free stores in Open Sim. 5 stars is still not enough. Very good performance and very good work. TOP
Wirklich sehr schön bei euch Shoppen zu gehen, ihr verdient mehr als nur 5 Sterne ! ❤️
Really nice to go shopping with you, you deserve more than just 5 stars !❤️
Curious to know if Ipleasure will be launching any new mens wear and many new hairs for men. Perhaps some new skins at a all mens area??? I love the female items but I was just curious if that was going to happen
Great items so far.. pretty awesome with all other items in stores.