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The Best Freebie Store In Opensim - Everyone Is Welcome!
New Items Added Everyday

This season R. Lion brings you the chance to have your Santa's letters responded.
Come and drop your letter with the description of one item you wish to have.
Every week one NC will be selected and fulfilled by Santa himself!
HoHO*cough cough*HO
Be creative! This is your chance.
Happy Holidays!!!

A new awesome umbrella FATPACK was added today, find it on the desk at hairs level 2.
A pack of cool rain was also added, look for it in the landscaping area.
You will LOVE these! Guaranteed.

Ellen: Denied access to private region :( 2 days ago

New houses, new snow roofs and new hair were added. Come get them all

Getting ready for your Thanksgiving dinner?
Come get the new kitchen and the TG's feast.

We have a new "not a gift" item for y'all at our animation's store.
Come, read the NC and get it.

JuliaAmly: Thank You. 16 days ago

I know they're probably all new to you, as the whole store. But still, new houses were added today. Come get them!

Chantinglyric: Amazing sim with truly quality products. Richard Lion the owner is very approachable, I did ask him to marry me . . . coughs, he missed his chance! In all seriousness, a truly incredible sim - the bes... 20 days ago

Female Hairs - The best selection for you @R.Lion
2 levels of excellency. Come get your hair done!

Era Hikari Kiyoari: that's so horrible. Getting free beautiful items, and have to wait. Omg. We are not on SL, place you can complain because you have to wait as you PAID for your items. Remember, all is free in RLion s... 21 days ago

R. Lion Animations.
AO's - Dances - Photo Poses - Bento - Challenges - BackDrops - And More!

The Fashion Alley - Female&Male Fashion.
~Maitreya (Athena) - Kupra (Curvy) - Gianni~ Male Hair&Shoes - And More!

New Winter Store Open Now. New Items will be added soon. Ruuun!

New Skin Store Now Open. Run!

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Era Hikari Kiyoari Awesome place, awesome creator, very kind. All those recent items are animated and... I can't say anything else than THANK YOU !! The best freeb, furnitures, clothes, hair, garden, everything... i ever saw on OS. Thank you very much Richard.
Jordan Landry it sure is the BEST freebie store on opensim!!! Best hair, best clothing, the best furniture and so much more.❤️❤️❤️❤️
Arponera Fantastico, 5 stars, congratulations and thanks for sharing it.

Region Comments

Hella 9 days ago
Grateful for Richard's hard work and big heart :)
Mizzymarshal 10 days ago
This pulls all of opensim up a Notch . Very well done.
Jerralyn Franzic 11 days ago
OMG... these stores are just as good as anything SL has!
monika 15 days ago
extraordinaire !!! merci !!!
Darkness Papp 16 days ago
Open Sim needs more quality like this. A hell of an achievement, a bit on the laggy side when busy.
Lisbeth 19 days ago
una de mis regiones favoritas me encanta todo
Chelsea Diamond 20 days ago
Would love to join your group so I can use your hud.. Really love it here!