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I would love to give a good review to this place......but unfortunately I cannot. I believe in finding good in every situation.....but am very upset after what I witnessed just now. My height is 1.66 meters or 5.45 feet...same height that it has always been. When you land at this wonderful place.....there is a greeter board that shows your height. It listed my height as 4' 9 inches or 1.46 meters. I immediately checked my height to make sure I was not this height...nope. My height was 1.66, but the greeter this guy makes has me listed at 1.46 meters. This is a huge difference when you try to go to a club, and this is probably why I have been banned from a few clubs........people depend on this system and it is highly inaccurate. This product was being used, advertised and sold on the basis of showing avatar's height.....but it is not correct. I will make an offer to the owner that if he will fix his trashy board that he has been sending all over the hyper grid.....I will update this post.

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Debra Ann Congi
Love the gadgets!! Thank you for sharing.

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Annah Gestaga
love the gadgets, love the creepy vibe many items have! great place to shop. i'm looking forward to stopping by more often!

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Absolutely a very cool place to find quality traffic products. The region is unique and cool and fun to explore! So I highly recommend the visit and dig around, you can find some things that you might be able to use.

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I don't see the point of having two almost identical regions where nothing works. It greets you, wants you to join a group and offers the usual landmarks but even the visitor counter doesn't work. Kinda disappointed love a good gadget but this was a bust.
The above is what I posted at the first Covert Gadgets location. This one has even less, nothing works, and nothing in region telling the visitor anything. The fact that Christmas stuff is the main theme right now when its 105 out today made it even more sad.

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