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The Shining World Of the Seven Systems: Gallifrey. Our take on the legendary planet. Always being added to, More cities coming. Please enjoy what we have now, and we hope you will find it pleasing, all done with love! :)

Just another day in Gallifrey, above the Capitol Citadel .. the Timeship and the Great Glitch ready to swallow all within ....

Olyesti City, one of the so called 'three minute cities'.

In Progress. The beginning of the Gallifreyan rail, and the city administrative buildings ..

Lani Mall has helped in the creation of all this tremendously so shout out to them !

Gallifrey Has Not Fallen .....

Not here, anyway ... the Time Academy ... coming soon, as well ... ( remember to pick up your free Custom made TTC/Console at the Arrival Areas!)

The BETA/prototype of the Doctor's TTC Console/Attached Room is now available at the arrival area at Gally.

Rez out where you'd like, be aware the seats and sitters (6 items) are not linked, everything else should move as one. This is only the prototype, but I am happy with the start. I hope you will be too :)

Get the box and then open and inventory the items. rez where you'd like.

The soon to be available TTC ( Time Travel Capsule) ..Console and Attached room

Go to the Timeship and look over ...

The Doctor's TTC is in a precarious position .....

Symphony: A TARDIS within a TARDIS? .. A TARDIS within a TARDIS? A... 2 months ago

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