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A female centric nightclub region.
No male dominance is tolerated.
This is a safe place for women.
This is not a venue for adult entertainment.
No unaccompanied males allowed.
All bans are final.
Party Nights are Wednesday and Sunday from 12pm till 4 pm Grid time with DJ Synthetica although Sicario's can be your venue for Ladies centric parties by arrangement with management. Sicario's is open for music and chat at all times listed. DJs can be supplied for events if it falls within our normal opening hours which are:
Modays -8 am till 4pm
Tuesdays -8am till 4pm
Wednesdays -8am till 4pm
Thursdays - 4am till 4pm
Fridays - 8am till 4pm
Saturdays - 7am till 5pm
Sundays -7am till 4pm

Music and chat every day from the moment we open until we close. All times are grid times. Sicario's is located on Not Sorry a UK based Private Grid and will be offline out-with the above times and may also vary do to RL commitments.

We are classified as an adult region due to our client base being adults however we do not provide adult entertainments and do not tolerate overt sexual activities, chat or objectification of women or objectification of anyone identifying as a woman. This is a safe place to relax and enjoy music and chat with other women. Female owned, run and primarily for females. Sicario's Nightclub is your destination for a hassle free friendly night out or special occasion. Males are welcome if they accompany a Female but must behave respectfully.

Another fine moment with the perfect tune.

Tiggy has got somewhere to dance now at Sicario's welcome.

Sicario's rebirth as a place free from dominance.

Freedom to express is worth any cost.

I always have a little worry on the eve of an event.

Practicing my juggling for Sunday

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