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I do not make it as often as I would like, but I love You has probably become my favorite go to place for a weekend dance. Why? Well the answer is very simple.....the people! I notice one person here made a comment about 99% of people are bots. This person has no Clue! Let me share a typical Saturday when I go dancing:

Bobbi says Hi....we chat about building, farming and dresses.
Debz welcomes me,
Rosa or Trucker calls me out by name,
Jacob says hi
Bobbi chats and teases me about outfit
and at least 4-5 other people talk to me by name.
Rosa Chats
and they all do the same for the guests I bring!
this goes on for 2 hours!
Debz thanks me for coming

Hmmmmm either Funara is mistaken and these people are not bots.......or they are the most sophisticated bots in opensim!

Funara....if you had more brains than a bot, you would realize how inaccurate your statement is.

I do not live at I love You grid.....I have my own grid. I am not involved in personal relationships with anyone there. I simply go there cause the people make me feel welcome. I was not asked to write this...I just wanted to correct a review I saw that was very wrong.

If anyone is considering believing Funara's post, I simply ask you to go to her profile and look at the 6 reviews she has written: 4 with no stars....2 with 2 stars. This should make anyone realize how credible she is. Perhaps Funara is a bot with extremely low AI, which explains all the poorly written negative reviews. It takes more intelligence to be complimentary.

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Suzy St
Free land, friendly people and no need for clothes. what's not to like ?

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99% avatars that are afk (or npc)

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