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The Mysterious Island Changed ownership (original owner/friend currently overseas) and has been recreated with a Pirate theme. Tombooga is now overrun with a Scurvy Pirate Crew.

I just got back .. not building anything for Halloween this year .. I already have it! Find your way into the sim, don't take the female entrance its a trap.. follow the male entrance into the town .. find the highlighted teleporter and select forest ... and I hope you have fun .. set it to midnight maybe, and bring a friend, plenty of places to hide!

Captain Shadow: hmmm think a script needs updating. I moved the landing point, sorry about that will sort it out. The landing point puts you next to the teleporter, select forest from menu. 2 months ago

Night time falls and once again the mysterious pirate port opens ... for a while at least.

Thirza Ember: This is what happens when you spend too long on at the tanning salon 3 months ago
The lanterns have been lit and the port has been opened for a few hours ... if you visit use shared environment to get the pirate atmosphere down at beach level. The beach is accessed from the pirate town high in the clouds using the sim teleporter menu.. it is in the town with a large arrow pointing at it for those who struggle with dark pirate themes.

Well well well

Thirza Ember: I like that a hole lot. 3 months ago
Wood ya? Creepin around at night in the woods, when there's that them pirates a lurkin ... course ya got a find the woods first. Scratches his head looking at the map... no teleporters shown on ye olde map.
You never know, a passing ship might just get in. Always open to Crew but sometimes the port is locked at different times due to Pirate activities .. so if you cant get in ... try sailing in another day or ask for group.

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