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Shangrilla Dolls World
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You surely didn't find this escape having both ULTRAVOX-UK BAND stage and UVOX Virtual Office. How to find it ? You pass the theater bridge and will find an orientation table giving all our destinations "TP's" in the Shangrilla-Dolls World. Have a bit of curiosity... Find our destinations ; those letters are hover texted...

A gentlemen gambling and smoking room at Villa Istria...

Thank you for visiting our curiosity on week-ends : I have moved the BEACON so you would do an effort to climb the hills and discover the panorama :) !

Wishing you happy new year 2023!
Note : some visitors tend to ask me copies of my builds. I cannot forward my designs into other gids it states. The "World" at Shangrilla-Dolls is made to discover and is a unique creation as a brainstormed design+terraformed and I must keep its integrity so I can at least get a few visitors... Thank you for understandings.
Indeed some hidden spots in the region ; but if you go to the table of orientation passing the theater bridge you find small teleports on a map - then you can travel anywhere you like... Same direct to the Villa di Vecchi for example ; hover texts all indicating the names of the areas...
The Villa di Vecchi also has her pure-gem bathroom. There you come for brushing teeth before saying good night ! Designed like some antic art decorative 1900 ala Mucha ; the glass frames Czeck & Candelaber style reflect the space - it is like a Boudoir's own personalized retreat.
Some master bedroom tend to be calling for a warm 'comfort of stranger's' honey moon ; the Villa d'Istria has 3 of them installed a pink and an art deco one... Would remind the Villa d'Este at Lake Como.
Insider of the Villa di Vecchi ; you find yourself into relaxing Baroque and Roccoco designed living room : for a tea and a chess-play. Some medieval bow-windows bring light ; mixed up a bit like the impeccable taste of the russian Ballet dancer Rudolf Noureev...

Maybe you know the Russian 1925 theater yet... many ghosts into the derelict !

A little Italy with its small garage Enzo Ferrari - everything needs a beginning...

My Living Room @ the Villa d'Istria

Wishing all a Merry Christmas... !
19/12/2022 NOW OPEN!
The ANJ-Vintage shop is installed below the terrace of the Shangrilla-Dolls World main Villa - it is a kind of luxury. It will TP you with the beacon right in front of the entrance. More to be installed as apparels and add-ons but a main part is done for this last project by brandings of couture vintage. Selection is made very precise and genuine. Hope you will like it - it is an occasion to visit my builder's world if you didn't do this yet and communicate at OSGRID. Maybe we shall meet some day there who knows - an hourly where I do inventoried of our sales :)...
PS: Try to get a nice Christmas in families though in this warbug ecomomy.
Beacon sometimes is offline but doesnt mean the world isn't online - I might be busy doing other things. Don't be shy to visit.
Best fun shopping & lots of kind wishes...
Lots for Women : Athena & Blind Date petite Athena Grab All!
Ava Ozerova.

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HanHeld Ava O has impeccable tastes and has put a lot of time and effort into her region -and it shows. I was lucky enough to run into her when I visited and she was extremely helpful and sweet. Some regions are worth a visit, this one is worth spending some time in. Awesome, awesome region!