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Dyvalls Shopping Fun

Dyvalls Shopping Fun
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21 days ago
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Willkommen auf unsere Shopping Region. Ihr findet hier viele Möbel, Decor, Pflanzen und vieles mehr zum mitnehmen. Wir sind weiterhin am Ausbauen und wünschen euch viel Spaß :)

Welcome to our shopping region. Here you will find a lot of furniture, decor, plants and much more to take away. We are still expanding and wish you a lot of fun :)

germanworldgrid.de: Willkommen Zurück!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days ago

KarinBecker: Glückwunsch auch von mir euch weiterhin viel spass und freude wünsche 3 days ago

JuliaAmly: Thank You for all the great content that you have to offer.. we await you to get back up and running smoothly 4 days ago

Ab heute auf Dyvalls Shopping Fun erhältlich :) Available from today on Dyvalls Shopping Fun :)

CherylFurse: If you want to have the feeling for RL shopping then this is the place to go. And all you get there is high quality. 5 Stars 4 days ago

Sylvia-Koeln: Wie immer: tolle Items und und wunderschön präsentiert :-) 9 days ago

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Ellen Everything here is beautiful! Amazing build, beautiful buildings, and wonderful free gifts. Thank you!
CherylFurse I guess, if you really like realistic shopping event in VR then this is a place where you can do it. Not many places are like this in OS and even in SL you don't find such. But you have to calculate time to see all and find the right. So much great things you have to try also first and will be surpr...
Faith Fromund Beautifully decorated and landscaped. Very nice experience. Highly recommend. Lots of good items here that you can't find everywhere else. Thank you!!!

Region Comments

Annastasia 3 days ago
Visit the place, everything is very nice but unfortunately the items are not for sale. impossible to buy them
SheaButter 4 days ago
Beautifully done, just painful to load,and move around. Sadly couldn't do it.
Dyvall 4 days ago
I am very sorry about that. I didn't expect so many visitors. We're setting up a bigger server and I hope it's better then. Sorry again...
Carmen Jewel 9 days ago
A beautiful shopping location , that will keep me coming back time after time
Moonrose Grid 10 days ago
The mall is great so many beautiful things Five stars very good Laura:)
Loru Destiny 11 days ago
Absolutely great shopping place
Großartig (mit 3 Ausrufezeichen)
Thank you for sharing :-))
Derrybeg Arabello 18 days ago
Very nicely done. Beautiful
Dabici132 19 days ago
Very nice cozy shopping area, beautiful ambiance, new original items. Kudo